Are emojis and shit considered acceptable behavior on mastodon ?

it's not a good sign when every goddamn dentist in the office is working on your mouth at the same time

Dentist sent me a reminder for my appointment tomorrow after having sent me away unseen this morning

Most of these Skillsoft videos being produced in Ireland, it's no surprise that the trainer is a fucking leprechaun on ecstasy

If you guessed MOAR PROBLEMS you would be correct

So what would you expect from a service provider whip displays a fancy logo featuring the motto "PROBLEM SOLVED"

@ceejbot @ChiperSoft It really wasn't all that different from the F5 loadbalancing switch that in 2017 keeps routing me to the same borken WFE that's handling my SharePoint session. Too often it wasn't round robin at all.

@ChiperSoft @ceejbot actually (in 1995, anyway) it DID matter which server you landed on. Everyone, tech or not, understood the concept of a netsplit and how to navigate around it.

@ceejbot I have a bunch of non-technical friends from '90s IRC who understand federation fine from a user perspective. If there's a good reason for it, it'll work. Agree about the non-unique handles.

So is there a user serial number or something I can use to win oldbie wars?

Hmm. Amaroq won't install on my iPhone 4, and Tusky doesn't really work on my Nexus 7. Is this too bleeding-edge for me?


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