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on UX naming in , from an old post: John Ellis has kidded that Twitter has become so popular mostly because it is so easy to make new words that start with “tw”: twavatar, tweeple, tweetup, twistory, etc.

@katebowles @jeroensmeets @ShorterPearson @cogdog @econproph @acroom @clhendricksbc @injenuity @xolotl Very much the same for me; boost-with-quote is very much a much-needed re-mixing/synthesizing function. Love the "knit together" metaphor for this too. Quotes as annotation (and I think we really lost something when we could no longer manually RT and hack together "the mix" and send it on.

@Dan_Blick @jeroensmeets @ShorterPearson @cogdog @econproph @acroom @clhendricksbc @injenuity @xolotl What I miss about boost-with-quote is the ability to knit two things together and point the mix at someone specific. The quoting is really annotating.

I realise that in Twitter this is how I weave between unconnected parts of my network. It's like social introduction.

@xolotl @jeroensmeets @ShorterPearson @katebowles @cogdog @econproph @acroom @clhendricksbc @injenuity Right, no I think Toot (Share, Post, Gesticulate) is a critical (primary) function unto itself. Equally important (to me) tho, in all forms of social media-type platforms, is Amplifying the work/thoughts of others within/throughout my network

at last! instead of feeling ridiculous for asking you to "tweet me a doodle" to find a good time to meet, I can now ask you to "toot me a doodle"!

if one had to mine a block in a blockchain to toot, that might keep the riffraff out of

seems like hosting instances is a job for @jimgroom


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