i'll try this here instead of bird site: if you have any tips for possible stories for me to look into at kotaku, feel free to drop me a line at gita.jackson at kotaku dot com. thanks!

the continued saga of That One Guy 

the continued saga of That One Guy 

the continued saga of That One Guy 

i'm being spider-man and oh boy, this combat is not fun

*slaps roof of the street* this bad boy can fit so many dirt and trashes in it

my biggest personal failing is I find men attractive

can you all send me pictures of demon babes for my halloween costume inspiration? SFW preferably but i'm trying to figure out what kind of demon babe i want to be.

tonight i'm staying late for a nintendo direct and then getting really stoned and buying and eating an ice cream cake.

having a good bday thanks for the birthday wishes friends

my birthday is tomorrow and i'm having my yearly "i don't have any friends" jitters even though that's never been less true

thank you @xoxogossipgita for catching me up on whatever this kanye music video is and the related memes so I can feel as if I've retained some grip on what is reality in this world kotaku.com/the-internet-reacts

Woke up in a shitty mood overcast days suck and fall also sucks dick, thanks

hellloooooo if you run an instance (especially an unusual/joke instance) on mastodon, you should email me at gita.jackson at kotaku dot com. would love to ask you a few questions for a story.

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