@xoxogossipgita Nice piece! I don't know if illustrations are credited to the press kit intentionally (eg instead of the artist) but they were done by @dopatwo

There is a little info in from a few months ago

@xoxogossipgita good write-up! Mastodon's a weird topic for me because i constantly want to evangelize it to my friends, but if they ever actually joined i, uhhhhhh, would probably have to delete some stuff lmao

@xoxogossipgita Kinda sad about not being included in the final copy, but oh well! I'd have liked Pleroma to have a passing mention, but at least the other admins had a chance to let what makes their platform special to them be heard.

@scarlett thanks for chatting with me anyway! i do want to talk more about pleroma in the future--this is definitely not the last time i'll be talking about the decentralized web.

@xoxogossipgita If there is one clear benefit to Mastodon, it's that using it you learn why it works and flows far better than Twitter.

And I definitely learned that Twitter not only stressed me out, or made me angry, but isolated me with extremists or people so stressed out and angry that they said extreme things.

Mastodon as an experience is about getting me to move away from that all. And it's great for that!

@xoxogossipgita ofc the first comment is someone saying “I don’t know why people think it’s a hellhole, and surely Twitter’s execs would like to know about it” and ofc their pic looks like a young white man. Hard to know if their ignorance is even sincere.

@xoxogossipgita I feel validated by your comparison to internet forums, because it seemed like I was the only one who ever brought that up.

@xoxogossipgita That’s a great write-up of what it feels like to come into Mastodon fresh from Twitter.

@xoxogossipgita This is literally my first post here after reading that article 😀

Great article @xoxogossipgita! Never even heard of this website until today. There’s a lot I still don’t get, but I’ll learn over time. Hopefully.

@xoxogossipgita good article...I too tried it in 2016 but forgot about it until this group ..also I think Hello is still going...

Iiiiiiiiii LIKE it!

Mansplaining in the comments, it seems to me.

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