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Just in case it has already happened to you: For an unpacked TAR archive🗄️ no extra folder 📁 is created and the content is mixed with many other files in the same directory? How to clean up this mess⁉️

$ tar -tf Nice_Prog_RC1.tar.gz | xargs rm -r

With 'tar -tf' in :terminal: only the content of the archive is displayed. This list of files is given to 'xargs', which passes it on to 'rm -r' for deletion. On the next try we better unpack the archive into an extra folder.👨‍💻

#Linux #Sysadmin #bash

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Hey, everyone. Use your favourite Jabber/XMPP client to register for jabber.koyu.space! :xmpp:

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Je sais pas vous mais moi j'ai ajouté mon groupe local sur cette carte, ça peut aider !


#covid #entraide


20 CPU are currently working at home. More to come! Please consider doing so if you can!

Stay safe, cheers :)

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Comme tous les mercredi à #Rennes
Atelier de biologie populaire
Vienne qui peut ou veut

We Make BioPorn #diybio #BioPorn

Cette semaine encore « capture de levures sur fleurs de ville »

Infos : agendadulibre.org/events/21505



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rapport CPIE 85 et CBNB (pays de la Loire)

« Estimation de la qualité de l’air par l’étude des lichens épiphytes bio-indicateurs »

Et un exemple de test de méthode de recensement à Rennes avec collège \
/ lycée

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I eventually managed to upgrade my Sabre Lite iMX.6 board to #OpenBSD current.
I flashed u-boot 2020.1 from ports to the internal NOR flash since all other method failed for various reasons.
The previous u-boot version from 2016 was not able to start a recent bootarm.efi, and an older bootarm.efi was not able to boot a recent kernel.
With a SATA SSD driver this little board is still quite fast for #armv7.

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#OpenBSD -current and #XMPP users, please try out the Dino package in recent snapshots.

Do you find OMEMO encryption pain-free to use? Any surprises?

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Chez Hashbang on recrute un•e sysadmin/devops Linux sur Lyon.

On est une SCOP, on développe et héberge des applications pour nos clients, principalement du web en Python pour l'ESS.

L'offre est pas encore postée publiquement mais je peux répondre aux questions et donner plus de détails si nécessaire.


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Une série de strips #BD choupis sur une histoire d'amour entre une vampire et un loup-garou, par Sarah Andersen


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Just for the lols, I set up a twitch stream where you can control my office room lighting. Let's see how crazy this gets 😂

Type "color red/green/blue/purple/..." in the chat!


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Some of us are also here in #Ghent for #CfgMgmtCamp, still going on today and tomorrow! cfgmgmtcamp.eu/ghent2020/

Ganesh and Abhijeet
will conduct a workshop on developing #Ansible modules: cfp.cfgmgmtcamp.be/2020/talk/H

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Je profite de mon passage à pour vous proposer un petit informel demain à partir de 19h. Ça se passera au Mille Potes (4 bd de la liberté). L’occasion d’une rencontre informelle avec les libristes, bibliothécaires, médiateurs numériques du coin ! RT’appréciés

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Some people running #OpenBSD on their ThinkPad X395 laptop here? I'm interested in a robust Ryzen laptop that can run that OS and I'm looking for some feedback, I think I've seen folks on the fediverse talk about the X395.
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