I have too many social media places already. As much as I’d love this to take off I have no engagement here and don’t have the time to keep up with this as well so 👋 . If you still have Twitter I’m here - twitter.com/xstex

I swear house spiders are getting bigger. Had to get one and the thing was TALL. 😭

At least we don’t have to hear the bloody band playing the same songs over and over though.

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You don’t realise how much a crowd adds to a game until there isn’t one.

People that go to the gym, sweat, and don’t wipe down the machines when they’ve finished. 🤢

The common misconception about mental illness is that you need to be poor or have bad things going on in your life. That's simply not the case, a mental illness can take hold of anyone, no matter how rich, how famous, or how good their life seems.

Check out tons of photos from my visit to the Guinness Storehouse on my Instagram Story instagram.com/xstex 🍺 😎

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On the plane back to Liverpool and a man is reading The Sun. Mate you better bin that before you get off.

Might be in Dublin but not missing the game. 📍 @TrinityBarVenue@twitter.com

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