XTDB 1.21.0 is out! 🚀 We have RocksDB ARM (M1) support, can import tx-time from upstream sources, and allow expressions in projections/aggregations.

After 3 betas, quite a pile of perf/bug fixes, too!



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JUXT CTO @malcolmsparks introducing the 'atomic architecture' concept at JUXT Conf 2022 👇


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The reason why we wrote this paper is so I don't have to keep explaining to people why MMAP databases are (almost) always a bad idea: db.cs.cmu.edu/mmap-cidr2022 twitter.com/gortizja/status/15


Parsing with Derivatives => Parsing with Zippers supporting alternates, shared expressions, shared contexts, and cycles.


We're all of two minds about this one. In 10 years, will these prove as nice as they seemed at first bluff? It's hard to know when it's best to diverge from the spec or not, but most of us seem to lean toward "not." 🤔

> the imminent XTDB 2.x

To clarify...there isn't an imminent *production ready* 2.x release happening soon, but we do plan to unveil a whole bunch of new code and functionality!

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This will be Håkan's first talk on XTDB since "The Design and Implementation of a Bitemporal DBMS" back in 2019: youtube.com/watch?v=YjAVsvYGbu

The architecture of XT has moved on since then. But that talk is still worth a watch, as a sample.

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We're excited to announce that Håkan's @strangeloop_stl talk has been accepted!

Three years of research, thinking, and development (toward the imminent XTDB 2.x) is going into this talk. Be ready for a consolidated brain upload.

Starting in the middle of the talks. As graph database fans, we love this implementation of a simple JSON-based graph database on top of SQLite by Denis Papathanasiou:

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15/34 hytradboi.com/2022/simple-grap

Every one of these is worth ten minutes of your time. We'll comment a bit on them individually while we anxiously await next year's @hytradboi 🥫

Huge thanks to all of the speakers who put so much energy and thought into this event! 🙏
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All of the talks are now up at hytradboi.com?42

Cross-posting is a little slower than expected, but it works well enough! Hopefully our Mastodon friends don't mind us treating Twitter as the golden store for now. :)

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Trying out moa.party/ to bridge Twitter => Mastodon ... apologies for this test twoot.

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Testing can get tricky when databases are involved 🤔 but how can immutability and bitemporality help? @peter_wilkins shares fast and reliable testing strategies for and .

Hello, Federated Friends. We would love to cross-post our Twitter posts to Mastodon. Since more XTDB staff are comfortable with Twitter than Mastodon (so far), we'd probably prefer a one-way cross-poster that goes from T=>M.



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