Dong phuc cong so
The first step in creating a brand is the discipline, professionalism, and reputation of that business. For customers to realize that day at first sight, the office uniform is the most important point.

Vai cotton tici
Currently, TC 65/35 fabric is being popularly used in the garment industry and in bedding production. However, many people do not know what this material is, how it works, what characteristics it is, etc. Therefore, today, I will help people to better understand Tici fabric through this article. . Let's find out!

Vai khong det
Nonwoven is what ? What do you think of antibacterial nonwoven fabric as a mask? Why does this term appear in the field of apparel? What is the process of producing nonwoven rolls? Atlan will find you the answer in the following article. Atlan believes that after reading this article you will get a lot of information about this special fabric.

Vai Spandex
When it comes to elasticity, what do you think of? If in the "One Piece" world there is a Luffy rubber, then in the world of fabrics, Spandex appears. With the ability to "change shape", Spandex can let you eat "shock shock" if not learn it thoroughly. So why hesitate any longer, let's find out about this "divine" fabric. Let’s go!

Khau trang vai gia si
You are looking for factory wholesale fabric masks? If so this is the forum for you, do not drag anywhere, click immediately on this article. A lot of useful information about wholesale cloth masks is waiting for you.

Lua To Tam La Gi
Currently, in the market of natural fabrics, there are two names "eighty-one-half and half-pound" together standing at No. 1 in the title of "the best natural fabric" are cotton and silk fabrics. silkworm. With the advantages of natural materials, these two fabrics have quickly captured the trust of consumers and caught the eye of many businesses.

Ao Pull
What is a pull shirt? Has any of the people in the wire ever come across this name? In your opinion these pull shirts will be similar to which ones we use most often?

Vai Polyester
Currently, synthetic polyester fabric is one of the most popular fabrics, used in many different fields. In particular, they also have a "superpower" is "lowering prices" of all materials in the fabric world. So, what makes that magic, let's find out the answer through this article!

Chat Lieu Foam La Gi
Appearing from about 500 BC, it was not until the 1990s that the reputation of Foam material became popular. And then today, Foam has become an indispensable material in the mattress manufacturing industry and is applied in many different fields. So, you have questions about what Foam is? Is foam insulated? their structure, there are advantages - disadvantages like ... no? If so, let me find out about them in this article!

Phan Mem Thiet ke Ao Thun
With the development of science and technology, today designing a shirt is not too difficult for everyone. You just need to go online and type in the online T-shirt design software to produce a lot of different software.

Ao Phong La Gi
The Atlan T-shirt workshop today will introduce to everyone a very familiar T-shirt to many people in Vietnam and around the world. The type of shirt Atlan wants to mention here is the T-shirt line that is considered a national shirt. Surely you have used through this divine T-shirt, but how much do you know about it?

Vai Soi Tong Hop
There are many types of fabrics on the market today, but they are divided into two main groups: natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics. Depending on the needs of each person, they will choose the most suitable fabric.

Chat Vai Chiffon
Currently, Chiffon fabric is increasingly popular in the garment and fashion industry. However, there are still many people who are still daydreaming about this concept. Therefore, today, I will search with you about this fabric!

Vai Lanh La Gi
What is linen? Where does it come from? Is there anything else you don't know about Linen? All of them will be introduced by the Atlan uniform t-shirt factory in the category about Linen today.

Khu Cho Vai Gia Si
For those who often buy cloth in Ho Chi Minh City, it is no stranger to the famous cloth markets here. So where will be the top 5 sources of the best and most prestigious fabric wholesale market in HCMC today?
Take the Atlan uniform t-shirt sewing factory and walk around a bunch of fabric markets in Saigon to find the best source of wholesale fabric.

Ao Thun Dong Phuc Cong Ty
You are an entrepreneur who is looking for a factory to make T-shirt, company uniforms, cheap worker uniforms. What criteria can you choose from a garment factory and print top t-shirts? Are you based on the quality, price, design and ultimately the reputation of the garment factory.

Ao Thun Dong Phuc Lop
Welcome to the Atlan uniform workshop! What led you to Atlan's class uniform t-shirt page? Are you looking for models of beautiful class uniforms and cheap uniforms?

Ao Thun Dong Phuc Gia Dinh
You and your family are preparing for a trip, going home to visit family, relatives, going to an intimate party and you want to find a place to sell or sew a family uniform t-shirt. You are having trouble not knowing what to do? In the end, you decided to go to Google to find out if there are any beautiful shirts or sewing factories to accept printing of a prestigious 3-family family T-shirt?

Ao Thun Dong Phuc Nhom
Hello Atlan group tailoring workshop! If you are looking for a group uniform to go out for, go to an event or to use for a party or any other activity, this is Atlan's article for you.

Cac Loai Vai Pho Bien
On the market today, there are popular garment fabrics such as Cotton, CVC, Kate ... Maybe you do not know the meaning and production process of them like? The wrinkle-free fabrics used for sewing suits are?

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