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chris burgess

Restored bolts, a hubot for 's community Mattermost at https:/like/

Always concerned bolts will annoy someone even though they have always been well received to date (I think).

Go well, bolts!!

curiously specific "required special character" vs "unacceptable special character" requirements here,

There are muddy paw prints on my phone, who can this be

After a fairly involved discussion on Twitter regarding Slack and the many #FOSS alternatives, I've finally got my act together and published a blog post I've been sitting on for ages:

Just published a small JS library for getting the bounding rectangle of an element asynchronously:

Incidentally, this is based on code I wrote both for Mastodon and for Pinafore. Pretty trivial, but nobody else had published something similar on npm, so seemed worth it to publish.

Why is Firefox's "Developer Toolbar" called a toolbar? It's actually a console?

I'll bet someone said, "we can't call that a console, we already have the Browser Console and the Web Developer Console in the menu, let's call it a Toolbar"

words, people, they have meanings

This confuses me every time I look for "screenshot --fullpage", usually opening both the wrong items first, and now I understand why.

Quite happy to find that you can search for (some?) emoji hashtags.

#:thaenkin: #:aaaa: #👺 #👩‍💻 #🦆

All location tags for my country ( / ) are now heavily :thaenkin: populated by posts.

At first I was a bit concerned about what would mean for Mastodon, since it's a new and dominating (#👢) source of commercial posts.

But nooo, think again, Chris! The real question this time.

What will it mean for the sex work community to have all this new business from Mastodon users? :thaenkin: :thinkerguns:

KCCI 8 News Meteorologist Metinka Slater from Iowa, everyone

oh, *another* update? jeepers

genuine thanks, Drupal security team!

I kinda miss these little animations from the Windows 95 era.

@luka point taken re public utilities nevertheless! I hear you

@luka re Github not being completely OSS: I'm OK with that, because

Some companies contribute nothing; some contribute something; some (I can't name any) may share *every piece* of their work.

Github has contributed a lot of code directly, *and* has supported many to make their own contributions. Even if they'd never done the former, the latter is worth merit for me.

I respect radically open, but I appreciate all efforts towards openness.

@luka I'm actually a big fan (and more frequent user of) gitlab

and not a fan of VC

Gitlab too is commercial, and VC-backed:

We use Gitlab CE (community edition) at my work. I like it, some don't. OSS communities I work with use Gitlab too.

I'd like us to be less centralised, but I think Github have contributed a lot (and made $ along the way)

One useful step we might be able to contribute is improve package.json / composer.json / such to name *multiple* source repos when describing a build process.

Seen a few posts about github being a dangerously centralised thing for OSS (to paraphrase loosely).

I feel like ... I'm not concerned about our town library being a dangerously centralised thing for books? And i'm not frightened of wikipedia being dangerously centralised either.

I get that we're all here because we believe on some level decentralisation and federation (ok, or kittens, sexwork, tarot or revolutionary politics).

Anyway, that's still on my mind.