I've never used #rss. What reader could you recommend to me if I want read both on the desktop and the android smartphone? (And libre software of course (I'm willing to pay for it)).

Third one's a little more in-depth:

3. What free software communities would you recommend joining if you're brand new to contributing, and why?


had a couple websites prompted for access to camera or mic recently (recently switched to mobile on Android, have adblock plus installed)

Not a great look folks.

Registered @xurizaemon@toot.cafe cos I feel like trying a change of place and that community feels OK.

Might not jump ship immediately, but do follow me there if you want!

I need to wake up at 0430 so naturally I woke at 0250 gahhhh

Too few people are aware of JavaScript browser fingerprinting libraries: valve.github.io/fingerprintjs2 and beaverbird.com/ are just two examples of OSS ones. What @kdzwinel@twitter.com says: your browser’s private mode is _not_ private. #Privacy
RT @kdzwinel@twitter.com 🎵 Private mode is not private 🎵

Today I have a new nibling & her name is Amélie Mana

if you are feeling polite about a donkey, you should smell an interpreter

We like Laura Linney in Ozark, she keeps monologue-ing people to death.

I don't recall ordering a random SD card so this in the mailbox is making my spider senses prickle.

Note the attempt to distract me by mailing it from New Fufu Rd 👍

Very clever, hackers. Perhaps it is a Kiwicon ticket?

Have been using DataGrip (SQL UI) from JetBrains. It's OK!

Ran out of trial period so now have (delightfully!) an enforced pomodoro timer where after 30 mins it exits and either i completed my task, or saved my work ... or I lose.

I like it. Tempting to keep it this way - I'm not looking at SQL all day, thankfully.

"Who killed the largest birds that ever lived?"

Humans, probably? Oh, look, it *was* humans.


also did some actual sideproject things, but the real fun part was thoroughly cleaning a whiteboard with meths

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refreshed the kanban board in my office, got my personal projects redmine back in order with my essential plugins (redmine_editauthor, redmine_image_clipboard_paste, & redmine_messenger), very good organisational procrastination today

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