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chris burgess

RT i wanted to see what music was on voyager and like.... this is kind of sad.

we sent music to aliens in the 70s but we're not allowed to listen to it because "lol copyrights"

I've got a new paper with Sayamindu Dasgupta that analyzes a natural experiment in Scratch and shows how "wide walls" can support engagement and learning.

If you saw a thing about empathetic and critical and <...> listening today it resonated with me and now I can't find it because it's hashtag searches or scrolling, if you saw it, point me to it?!

are there battery fairies in my house?

switching between wireless keyboards (logitech k400r, apple a1314), the apple has a battery replacement time of "all the freaking time" and the logitech seems to last incredibly long times. like ... years maybe?

the apple is so bad that i've contemplated building a USB-to-AA-battery cable for it

(sample size: 2 x a1314, 3 x k400r)

Microsoft aren't even trying any more and I feel a bit sad about it.

Helped a neighbour install Office 2016 this arvo, the whole experience was filled with WTFLOL

it's not a cool number like 69 or 420 but this made me smile

Quaternary Matrix, Rotating Triangles
oil on canvas, 24"x24"

If you're ever thinking about painting 1024 tiny isosceles triangles freehand, my advice is: do not. Ow. But I like how it came out.

Nginx wins points for their "yet another privacy policy" email subject

Also whatever org emailed yesterday to say: you haven't logged in in three years, so bye!

text message:

"new website it is <facebook/CamelCasePageName>, all lower case"


Would I question the clock direction thing less if I lived on the opposite side of the planet?

I saw a couple of projects use a "refresh" icon to mean "clear list" and "void transaction" within the space of a week.

The latter led to an unholy bikeshedding, but the worst is that now I can't unsee similarity of "reload/refresh" versus "undo". These normally don't appear in the same context, but they are similar visually: an arrow (or two arrows) in a circle. (aka refresh)

I have a non-work Mac laptop.

I am incapable of navigating Apple's iCloud login. Whatever I do, it eternally wants me to authorize myself from another device. No shortage of old macs I can sign in, just never actually ticks whatever box they want me to do, for whatever their reasons are (I try to disable any and all iCloud sync anyway).

*pricks thumb, drips blood on iThings*

Real question is: why did I not cave in and feed him an hour ago?

Dog gives no fucks that it's 5:30am he wants breakfast.