had a couple websites prompted for access to camera or mic recently (recently switched to mobile on Android, have adblock plus installed)

Not a great look folks.

I don't recall ordering a random SD card so this in the mailbox is making my spider senses prickle.

Note the attempt to distract me by mailing it from New Fufu Rd 👍

Very clever, hackers. Perhaps it is a Kiwicon ticket?

accidentally took the dog on a 15km walk before lunchtime (it was hot when we got to the top, i didn't take water, and there was a stream on the other side)

god that water tasted good tho

This was a pretty scene with the misting rain and sunlight. Phone display is greyscale which brought the light out even more. (I love that I have a magic pane that strips colour!)

Went to share & realised it's still a color image, so you'd probably see colour, but I couldn't tell which filter was grey because the filters were all called Brian, West, Jigglypuff, Pillock and looked near identical.

ANYWAY this slice of was pretty at the moment, with & without real world colours.

I forgot to attach the visualisation image ... The stipple/dotty/moire effect isn't in the .avi

Why are you looking in the top left? Silly computer

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Love Jaclyn Moriarty's evocative writing in Bronte Mettlestone. I can get right behind this image.

omg naked humans 

learning to smoosh charcoal in new ways

That's an interesting and maybe helpful for some thing notification from YouTube

Bigger things to tackle as well ofc

When you should really fix a letter placement but you won't resort to false architectural detailing


revolution proposal, provincial govt for #newzealand 

Someone hand delivering the seeds of revolution around our neighborhood.

(But not Secession of the South Island, mind!)

Wondering who delivered these.



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