"Google, the provider of reCAPTCHA, a service designed to prevent software from pretending to be people on the internet, brags about their software that pretends to be people on the phone."

Excerpt from another great "Webshit weekly" by n-gate.com. we can't both be right. n-gate.com/hackernews/2018/05/

@xuv Where's the conflict here?

One service is designed to prevent automated tools from signing up for a service or from submitting a form since 99.99999999% of those tools are used to generate SPAM.

The other service is designed to solicit information from the other party or to perform a task on behalf of a human.

I don't have a problem with "Good morning, this is Google Duplex and I am calling on behalf of John Doe. This call is being recorded."

@gme @xuv I would not take this quote literally. n-gate is, in my opinion, a humorous, ironic and sarcastic series of comments on tech news.

@xuv Serious or not there's at least one pedant on Mastodon who agrees with that sentiment, and my response still applies. :-)

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