I'm really happy to announce that the company I work for has just publicly opened a instance for all its 5000 employees.

This is the result of an initiative @moritzheiber and I have started a year ago and have pushed through with the help of many other colleagues.

So if you want to hear my voice as a , you can follow me here: @judeswae

Or find others to follow at toot.thoughtworks.com

@xuv @judeswae This is amazing! I'll try and keep an eye out for familiar faces. :)

@annika @xuv @judeswae Thx. I'm not sure a lot of my colleagues are aware that this exists yet. It'd be even funnier if the info came from you. ;)

@xuv I'm not sure what I'd post on a social media site run by my employer, tbh.

@xuv Like, I'm not saying "this is bad", I'm just unclear on what the goal is here.

@varx Good question. I see myself w/ others in the company wanting to provide that space for colleagues to use. I believe in decentralized communication networks and I see a potential for professionals to use that for whatever they see fit. I think the company I work for has the kind of people and mindset to put this to good use. I personally think the things I would post there would be different from the things I post here with some overlap, for sure. I'm interested in exploring that difference

@xuv @moritzheiber @judeswae Thanks for setting up this instance. I missed our earlier social network called JiveOn.

I already have my personal account on another instance which I think I should still keep since this one requires an Okta login.

I'm a bit puzzled on why I got an _1 appended to my handle though.

@njoseph_1 @xuv @moritzheiber Hey Joseph. I also have a personal account on another instance and also plan to keep it. I think the two have different purposes with some overlap sometimes for sure.

I'm not sure either why you were added an _1 to your handle. Maybe we could also ask @effye about it.

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