OAuth for the Open Web

A little about the challenges of using #OAuth2 in a distributed setting for WordPress, GitLab, Mastodon, and more. Spoiler: it's not all bad news. Let's make this happen!


@aaronpk for some reason, this post does not federate well with all Mastodon instances. I'm trying to boost it from another account elsewhere, but I can't seem to see it. Any clue?

@xuv hm, I've been incrementally implementing ActivityPub, doing as little as possible each time. I don't think I've tried what you're doing yet, trying to find my post from an instance that is not already following me. I'm not actually sure what I need to implement to make that work though! Any ideas?
@xuv by any chance, are you trying to paste that post's URL into the search box on other Mastodon instances?

@aaronpk yes. Exactly tried that. It does not work. Also, I can't seem to see the boost I did from a different instance looking at this account.

@aaronpk search function seems to work. Just boosted your post.

@aaronpk PS: I should mention that I started following you from the other instance. But still could not see your post before searching for it.

@xuv Yeah that sounds like Mastodon's limitation where it doesn't actually go fetch posts from people if someone on the server isn't already following them. Thanks for providing an example where that was confusing!

this is the first post that federated with the instance I'm on. welcome!

I have seen @aaronpk getting couple of times mentioned, but have never seen a reply back. So I'm not shure if messages are comming in. @xuv

Maybe I'm missing something about forwarding my replies to other servers. Right now I only send replies directly to the server I'm replying to, so that's probably why you aren't seeing my replies to other servers. You should have been seeing my normal public posts tho.
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