is an email client that looks like a app.

As they say, "Delta Chat is the messenger with the largest userbase in the world"

Only available on @fdroidorg

@xuv @fdroidorg email is not made for Instant Messaging, keep it that way

Well, having a modern mobile "mail client" which makes writing mails as easy and fun as writing a chat message is a nice idea in general, IMHO. The main issue that I have (and why I removed it again) is, that you will quickly start to spam people with 1-2 sentence mails or mails which contain only one attachment if they don't use DeltaChat. But the idea is still nice, I have the feeling that it just need to evolve.

Cc @xuv @fdroidorg

@bjoern Except it's broken by design, it's marketed as an IM, yet uses email
- SMTP is not an IM protocol: Emails can be delayed for several days (e.g. grey listing)
- If an email is delayed, non-technical users will think it's a bug, even though it's perfectly normal
- Most email providers don't like users that send many mails in a short period of time, and will probably blacklist these users as spammers

@Muto @xuv @fdroidorg

@devnull Considering you will probably chat with a very few known number of people, this is probably perfectly fine for that particular use.

@bjoern @Muto @fdroidorg

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