Oh wow, Radical Networks, one of the most interesting tech/art/net fest is running its own instance. That's awesome and such great news.

Congrats @chootka on this!


@xuv @chootka
last year there were some discussions among Mastodon users on having accounts for organisations/non-profits here, and ... the conclusion was that people weren't really too keen on it. Has the mood changed since? ;)

@yhancik I have not seen the same opposition as you. I think it's probably better for the network itself to expand with the help of a variety of organizations. The more diverse and spread this can be, the better for the network, I think.

When is iMal going to spawn her instance? ;) @chootka

@xuv Je connais quelqu'un qui est assez difficile à convaincre quand il s'agit de la moindre petite dépense :D

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