Hello @prismo, quick question. If from a account, I can follow a account, does it mean I can upvote individual toots from that account? And how will the Mastodon account understand the upvotes? Just wondering...

@xuv @prismo

Actually, at least for now, you cannot post a story on Prismo by tooting from Mastodon.

What you can do is

1) follow stories from a Prismo user in Mastodon, and

2) comment on those stories by tooting a reply, and liking those stories by starring them.

This makes a lot of sense - a story represents a shared link, starting from that link (or just a description of a discussion topic). The discussion that follows can take place over multiple platforms.

@arjenpdevries @prismo ok. Thanks. Does liking that story from Mastodon upvotes it?

@xuv nope. But you will be able to paste it's URL to the mastodon search input and interact with it (you can already do this with text-only prismo posts)

@prismo So, if I get this right, the upvote is solely a feature of Prismo? Staring an article is possible from Mastodon. Is staring possible from Prismo? Prismo federates upvotes among Prismo instances?

@xuv prismo upvote is a regular ActivityPub `Upvote` activity, it's named `Star/Favourite` on mastodon but that's the same thing - it's official name is Upvote.

Yeah, prismo federates these upvotes not just among other prismo instances but among all the subscribed activitypub services

@prismo oh, thanks for that precision. I'm curious then why you said then that staring an article in Mastodon would not upvote that ar icle on Prismo. I'm getting confused.

@xuv @prismo yes! So you can follow a Prismo user in Mastodon, get their story snippets in your timeline, favor those, and also boost those.

Technically, you view and manipulate the same ActivityPub social graph, but from two different perspectives (a link sharing perspective when you are on Prismo, and a microblogging perspective when you are on Mastodon).

@arjenpdevries @prismo Thanks for this explanation. It's actually interesting to think that the social graph is defined at the ActivityPub level. But the app that is used only promotes a certain view of it and allows a subset of actions on it. Very refreshing perspective and clarifies a lot of things in my mind.

What do you think the future will encourage then? Conversion of the views between the AP apps or specialization of them?

@xuv @prismo I think having different views is very useful, but how to design a suite of apps that it is nice to use will be a great UI/UX challenge.

If you think of Pixelfed and Prismo, it is clear for what users you use which. But Pixelfed and PeerTube is already less clear, short videos could go both places.
Maybe microblogging is the natural glue to connect the different views?

@arjenpdevries @prismo Good question. Do you want generalist apps that try to embrace everything or just some that do one thing really well. In that sense, Peertube is a highly specialized one. It only does video and it does it very well.

I would tend to go for the second approach, specialization of apps. I think Peertube should not allow commenting. Commenting videos should be done using a micro-blogging app, and if that can be proposed right from the interface somehow, it would be great.

@xuv ok, sorry, i misunderstood this toot, i was sure you asked if LINKING story from mastodon upvotes it while you really asked if LIKING upvotes it. Yes - LIKING story on mastodon upvotes in on prismo :)

@prismo No worries. Thanks for the precision. It gets confusing between staring, liking, favoring and upvoting... but we will get there :)

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