Hello @prismo, quick question. If from a account, I can follow a account, does it mean I can upvote individual toots from that account? And how will the Mastodon account understand the upvotes? Just wondering...

@xuv @prismo

Actually, at least for now, you cannot post a story on Prismo by tooting from Mastodon.

What you can do is

1) follow stories from a Prismo user in Mastodon, and

2) comment on those stories by tooting a reply, and liking those stories by starring them.

This makes a lot of sense - a story represents a shared link, starting from that link (or just a description of a discussion topic). The discussion that follows can take place over multiple platforms.

@arjenpdevries @prismo ok. Thanks. Does liking that story from Mastodon upvotes it?

@xuv nope. But you will be able to paste it's URL to the mastodon search input and interact with it (you can already do this with text-only prismo posts)

@prismo So, if I get this right, the upvote is solely a feature of Prismo? Staring an article is possible from Mastodon. Is staring possible from Prismo? Prismo federates upvotes among Prismo instances?

@xuv prismo upvote is a regular ActivityPub `Upvote` activity, it's named `Star/Favourite` on mastodon but that's the same thing - it's official name is Upvote.

Yeah, prismo federates these upvotes not just among other prismo instances but among all the subscribed activitypub services

@prismo oh, thanks for that precision. I'm curious then why you said then that staring an article in Mastodon would not upvote that ar icle on Prismo. I'm getting confused.

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