In order to fight against , large instances should just turn on subscription by invitation only.

Large instances become an interesting target for spammers. Small instances, not so much. Those brand new spam accounts are looking for the largest audience. Since they are not followed by anyone, their spammy content will probably not reach anyone beyond the instance where they set themselves.

@xuv I wonder just what the reach of that spam would be. Since on a larger instance, the only way someone would see that is to look in the local or federated feed -- and on a large instance, trying to see anything in those is crazy since there's so much flowing through.

@mookie From experience on I must say that the local timeline is still manageable. The federated timeline, on the other hand, is unreadable. But I do hop on the local one once a day if I can. Just to take the temperature.

@xuv I need to visit again. That's the instance where I started out at. I started my own instance and moved out only to move back. But then I moved out again. Lol. I haven't been back in a month or so, I'll have to visit and see how things are. It's unfortunate that spam is invading the Fediverse in such a way.

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