I joined .Social during, what will be known as, the great transhumance of April 2017. But it's time for me to move again. I've come to find .town as a place where I would feel at home. It's also a way for me to find a smaller community while still staying connected to the rest of the . And I look forward to that. So please click the follow button at @xuv if you want to stay in touch.

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@xuv @xuv Good reminder of yet another one of federation's antifeatures: either ya spend every day re-sanitizing your contacts database looking for anyone who has jumped ship since your last login, or ya accumulate a follow list cluttered with abandoned accounts....

@n8 @xuv Yeah. I know. Not a smooth move yet. :) Though I heard they are working on it. I do hope it's coming soon. Indeed, I can see a lot of people haven't yet received the message. I'm glad you got it :)

@n8 I mean, you're still going to have to click on that follow button here if you want to see my posts :)

@xuv @xuv It never got solved for email; hopefully that's not because it's unsolvable....

@n8 @xuv When we'll all be implanted a chip at birth with hardcoded IPv6 address and webfinger service running on it, we'll be fine.

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