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@Gargron are there Mastodon stickers or is there a Mastodon logo in SVG format I can use to have them printed?

@woodrad Would you prefer an AI or SVG file?

@Gargron SVG would work the best if that's convenient for you

@woodrad do you know of a place i could upload an svg quickly? or like, e-mail maybe

@woodrad Hey mat. Did you receive that file in the end? I'm looking for it also to update this isue: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ If you could point to it, it would be super helpful, because I think @Gargron is busy with other things :slight_smile:

@xuv I have the file, but it looks like @Gargron uploaded it to GH. Lmk if you still need it from me

Julien Deswaef @xuv

@woodrad He did. Thanks for the reply.

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