@xuv the one thing the author is totally ignoring: he talks of something that is de facto web design as "front-end development". the "designs" that are being generated look so, too. ie. they are semantically crappy coded. also, putting a pixel-perfect design into html is nothing new. plus: there still has to be a designer to create images. also: using geocities as a template seems to be a joke, because of the 90% crap "design"

@ginsterbusch I think you are taking this a little too seriously ;)

@xuv if you EVER have worked with advertising or design agencies, you would know that this seemingly harmless learning-by-doing experiment may soon inspire the WRONG ppl, eg. pure-bred print graphic designers with next to none experience with the web, or even worse, project managers... who will see this as THE PERFECT opportunity to "save money" and "increase productivity" ..just think of Adobe Muse. LOTS of fun }:->

@ginsterbusch I don't know what Adobe Muse is. I have worked in that industry. WRONG people will always de WRONG things with technology. Should we stop experimenting and publishing because of this?

@xuv nope. but at least do it RIGHT. one never can avoid abuse and nasties, but at least one can do all to lessen its impact.

so proper html code instead of crap code on the level of word html export. aside of that, it would dramatically improve the actual value of the learning-by-doing experiment, both for its author, and anybody reading up on it.

ps: the lack of emoticons does not mean anything I write has to be read as dead-serious, angry rant. thank you very much ;)

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