Wow, is Github a single point of failure of the open source community? Who would have thought that...

@xiroux Usually local copies and redundant deployments with Gitlab are good enough mitigations. Git itself is, by design, not a single point of failure. You really have to go out of your way to paint yourself into an unrecoverable corner.

@xuv @davidk01 Of course it is not recoverable, git is decentralised by design. But Github is not, and even if the code is recoverable, all issues, PRs and discussions around them are not :(

@xiroux @xuv @davidk01 You are totally right. That's why I framed this as a "patch", not a "fix". I wonder now if we use the "Github transfer"feature from Gitlab, does it transfer all the issues and PR? Not sure. But it's probably only a one time thing. It's not a mirroring feature.

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