@xuv Not very practical to integrate for now. As the icons require Javascript anyway, why not integrate all of this in Javascript instead? That would be more practical.

@thomas @xuv I think their pull requests are open. Go ahead and propose a patch.

@xuv How do you get share buttons to work when every reader is potentially on a different server?

@rosjackson @xuv Have you tried them? They ask you for your instance url.

@xuv Not yet. I'm just looking at the code and scratching my head at the moment. I assume

placeholder="Mastodon URL (witches.town)"

is the bit of code that does this?

@xuv what is the license, eg can I use it on a company website (which is just me basically)

@kyzh Good question. File an issue to ask which license they use.

@xuv sorry I was under the impression it was your project. I'll open an issue indeed.
That was quite a blunt request in my part. Sorry again

@kyzh No problem. I should have made it clearer it was not my project.

@xuv These look awesome, but how does the Mastodon one work without knowing the sharer's instance beforehand?

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