@xuv Not very practical to integrate for now. As the icons require Javascript anyway, why not integrate all of this in Javascript instead? That would be more practical.

@thomas @xuv I think their pull requests are open. Go ahead and propose a patch.

@xuv How do you get share buttons to work when every reader is potentially on a different server?

@rosjackson @xuv Have you tried them? They ask you for your instance url.

@xuv Not yet. I'm just looking at the code and scratching my head at the moment. I assume

placeholder="Mastodon URL (witches.town)"

is the bit of code that does this?

@xuv serious Q:
does anyone really like share buttons like these? I always just want a single share button that gives me a shortish url that I can share anywhere or an embed option

@Vann @xuv as somebody concerned about XSS and trackers and who views share buttons largely as marketing, i'm with you, but i may not be the average user

@bug @xuv tbh I started blocking share buttons years ago before I even know about tracking scripts and whatnot just 'cause I got sick of seeing "facebook.com" in the bottom of the page while I waited 3 extra secs for an article to load

but then I had really slow internet so I guess most folks didn't have that issue either so 🤷‍♀️

@Vann @bug Those are not tracking buttons if you host them yourself on your blog or website. They are just there to attract attention and shine light on these social networks and provide an easy way to share the page you are viewing.

@xuv what is the license, eg can I use it on a company website (which is just me basically)

@kyzh Good question. File an issue to ask which license they use.

@xuv sorry I was under the impression it was your project. I'll open an issue indeed.
That was quite a blunt request in my part. Sorry again

@kyzh No problem. I should have made it clearer it was not my project.

@xuv These look awesome, but how does the Mastodon one work without knowing the sharer's instance beforehand?

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