Very happy to announce the release of Fork Awesome 1.0. A fork of the iconic font and CSS toolkit known as Font Awesome.

With the release of this fork, you'll now find icons for open source projects such as , , , , etc.

We've hopefully also made the process of contributing a lot more easier.

Thx to @KnowPresent & @n8 for the support.


Central paragraph "Font Awesome 5.0"
First line: Fort Awesome has ran" - I think you mean "Font Awesome has run"

In the bottom line it says: "Though we added a few more acions" - Do you mean "icons" or "actions"?

That's all I see right off. 😀

@Algot Oh, nice find. Now corrected. Thanks for this. If you see any more errors, please let me know.


You bet.

Always best to have a bunch of eyes on things.

Love how fast a web page update can happen, too.

Good luck with the project.


In the bottom paragraphs of the icons page

You reference "Font Awesome". Was that intentional or should it say "Fork Awesome" or perhaps "Font Awesome/Fork Awesome"?

@Algot Nice find, again. There are so many of them. :) I always discover ones I left untouched. Also, since only 2 characters change it's not easy to spot. But indeed, in this case, you are correct. It should be Fork Awesome.


See also the same "Font Awesome" vs. "Fork Awesome" issue at the bottom of the license page, then.

@Algot @xuv "Fort Awesome" isn't an error; that's the name of their company.

@KS @xuv

Thanks. I realized my error when I looked further. Initial focus was only on the announcement page.

@xuv thanks for bringing to my attention the commercial shenanigans and mismanagement of FA mainline

but any clue what happened here? something funny with the commits

@MightyPork @xuv With the release of FontAwesome 5.0, they wiped the master branch clean. Deleted all commit history and restarted from scratch. I happened to have created the fork the week before they did this. So Fork Awesome still has all Font Awesome history ;)

@xuv @MightyPork Looks like the old commit history is still present on the fa-4 branch.


Thanks for this. I'm finally able to use an FA Mastodon icon on


@xuv Yay; sorry I haven't had time to contribute to this, really — just landed at a busy point on my schedule....

@n8 No problem. Thanks for your help and knowledge sharing. It helped making decisions about the process.

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