So .social passed the 10.000.000 statuses yesterday. And also saw a large influx of newcomers. Probably due to . 🤔

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It feels pretty to look at a candle in the shape of a Brillo box sold for $110 at the Whitney Museum shop.

"The world's first atlas, the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum(Theatre of the World) was published in 1570 by Abraham Ortelius of Antwerp. In crude outline, the Theatrum laid out the world and its largely in-tact ecosystems for imminent colonization. Almost 450 years later, this 'Atlas for the End of the World' rakes over the remains."


Ok, it's probably a score of 14.5/30. Somehow it's better on some parts than what I thought it would be. If I need to make some tweaks to get a better score, it will be improving on the overhangs and bridges. It's not too bad, but definitely needs improvements.

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My personal website seems to (re-)gain popularity every 7 years. Not sure why. But I like this cycle.

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