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Julien Deswaef @xuv@mastodon.social

1. Load a location in street view
2. Unplug from the net
3. Move around

I'm pretty excited to have received this in the mail today: Re:thinking the

Now, that's cool. by @ekaitz_zarraga gathers all graphics posted with the tag into one, easy-to-browse, gallery page.

Ha, @moritzheiber toots about and feeling are featured on the screenshots for the $APPL appstore.

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fun fact:
when the PNG image format was proposed, it was "PING", standing for "PING Is Not GIF"

it was later shortened to PNG and retronymed into "Portable Network Graphics"

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How America's largest local TV owner turned its news anchors into soldiers in Trump's war on the media: theconcourse.deadspin.com/how-

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Just discovered this amazing uH bench, an open source public bench made with a pallet ow.ly/mOGo30jdJso by @xuv@twitter.com

(nl) In huize Bloemfontein aan de Van Riebeeckweg te Hilversum houdt poes Teddy van mevrouw Brummelkamp een vier dagen oud eekhoorntje van onbekende ouders in leven. (bron: De Gooi- en Eemlander) - europeana.eu/portal/record/202. Gooi en Vecht Historisch - zoeken.gooienvechthistorisch.n. CC BY-SA - creativecommons.org/licenses/b

I went on vacation again. ~4500 unread articles in my RSS reader. What should I do?

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Modification du Titre

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"Font Variations Comes to Inkscape" by Tavmjong Bah at: patreon.com/posts/font-variati

High school students demonstration asking for change in policies at Madison Square Park,

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If you delete all fonts in XP, you're greeted with nonsense like this afterwards.

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what happens when you can’t pay. NYC.