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Julien Deswaef @xuv@mastodon.social

This is a picture of the street I live in, but taken a hundred years ago.

You know has a huge PR problem if they think advertising on billboards against data misuse is going to change our mind.

Wow, Francine is the new acid test. :mind_blown:

(Yes, that image is only made using )


I ❤ because you can see the best custom linux setups ever. Here's @aryeomhan from @zemarmot working on a typematrix keyboard connected to a wacom tablet running @fedora.

Full blasting live coding by @neilcsmith_net using @PraxisLIVE to end this day of

There is many instances to choose from, but there is only one handing out paper flyers at Libre Graphics Meeting... post.lurk.org

1. Load a location in street view
2. Unplug from the net
3. Move around

I'm pretty excited to have received this in the mail today: Re:thinking the

Now, that's cool. by @ekaitz_zarraga gathers all graphics posted with the tag into one, easy-to-browse, gallery page.

Ha, @moritzheiber toots about and feeling are featured on the screenshots for the $APPL appstore.

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fun fact:
when the PNG image format was proposed, it was "PING", standing for "PING Is Not GIF"

it was later shortened to PNG and retronymed into "Portable Network Graphics"

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How America's largest local TV owner turned its news anchors into soldiers in Trump's war on the media: theconcourse.deadspin.com/how-