"New York brought in a new system where drivers are effectively guaranteed $15 an hour after costs. The idea is that for every hour the driver is logged on to the system, Uber has to top up the driver’s pay if they don’t reach the threshold through fares. What it means is that Uber no longer has any incentive to oversupply the platform with drivers."


I don't do much follow Fridays, but I can't resist to give a shout-out to @bhny, he is one of the main driver of .

He's been since a while, although hasn't posted much. But if we grow his following, he might be tempted to share more about what he is working on.

Ranger son frigo c'est un peu comme lancer un algorithme de compression.

"This approach to the generating of pictures is not new.... Making a series of pictures that were alike except for the variation of one parameter is not uncommon in the history of art (Haystacks and the Rouen Cathedral by Monet, for example). Just as erasing, scraping, retouching... or coming back to a preceding version were always familiar techniques used by painters. My computer-aided procedure is only a systematization of the traditional-classic approach." Vera Molnar atariarchives.org/artist/sec11

still incredibly messed up that I got a masters degree in computer art and had been working in the field for years before anyone bothered to tell me about Vera Molnar

@crickxson Was it intentional not linking to your new account? Or just forgot to put @ in front of @crickxson ? :)

@crickxson I don't have much experience. But posting and pinning a "last" toot announcing your departure and new account from the last account would not be a bad idea, imho.

Je découvre que la Wallonie possède son propre système de géolocalisation et de géocodage, càd transformer une adresse écrite en coordonnées géographiques


C'est juste super cool :amaze:

Je me demande si le code est libre, s'il y a des limites sur le nombre de requêtes, etc.

@crickxson Cool. Should we unfollow the dot.social one? Or you plan to keep both?

@aparrish It's on my todo list since a long time but somehow I always manage to miss it. Thanks for the reminder.

#Inktober 18/31

There's more inspiration to find in ink than alcohol. Also, it's more toxic. Don't drink ink.

The official prompt for today is "bottle".

I am super into this instagram genius's glitch makeup. I sincerely hope that in 2019 this is what everyone looks like instagram.com/rxsnak/

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