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.@Blender's videos on #YouTube have now come back, but they are also being told by Google/YT that they HAVE to monetise them. #Blender are considering refusing, which presumably would mean the videos being taken down again:


Whatever they once stood for, #Google's aim now is exploiting their users' content for maximum profit.

If you don't want your videos to be exploited, it is important to switch to an independent alternative:



@yacolinux welcome ! Yes, hashtags are more than welcome. Don't hesitate to visit the local or federated timeline to find new friends. You can also write an post to tell a little more about yourself if you'd like.

@alexl @rigelk @pixelfed @320x200 @rra Or did I get this all wrong and Mastodon is implementing its own client-server API. And it's not based on ActivityPub. Or not entirely. Hmmm

Wow! #PeerTube funding campaign just raised to 42%! \o/
Only 15 days left to meet our goal, so keep on sharing and #JoinPeertube frama.link/joinpeertube

@alexl @rigelk @pixelfed @320x200 @rra I think it does. If I understand this correctly, this is exactly what projects like github.com/naumanni/naumanni rely on.

@alexl @rigelk @320x200 @pixelfed @rra Ok. I get that. Still, the authentication with my Mastodon instance could still happen, since it works in the client, right? Then, in the case the instance are not federated, It could propose 2 things: either create a new note with a link to this video page attached to my comment, or just inform me of the impossibility of the action. Right?

@alexl @rigelk @pixelfed @320x200 @rra I don't think the multi account on multiple services is a major problem. It would be easier to have one Auth for all, for sure.

But let's say I want to comment under a video on a peertube instance, why would not I be able to authenticate from the client interface of that peertube instance into my mastodon instance and be served with a comment form that will post a toot for me linked to that video.

Now, that's amazing! Thanks to @blender federating with the rest of the , their account gained already ~400 subscribers in a day. video.blender.org/accounts/ble 👏

@rigelk @320x200 I really appreciate @pixelfed initiative. It also implements ActivityPub in another language which is also part of the trip I guess. What I wish though is that would focus on image manipulation and collections and leave the commenting part to Mastodon/Pleroma/GnuSocial types. Now, as @rra mentions, we probably need to figure out way to enable commenting within the Pixeldfed or Peertube interface with a Mastodon/Pleroma account, which should not be that hard, right?

@rigelk Thx for these explanations. Very enlightening. Indeed, that's how I saw Peertube<>Mastodon interaction, focusing on the commenting part. Why isn't following the same model?

Anyway, I'm in favor of the unix way where one tool does one thing best. Which means the could move into a form of a distributed micro-service architecture in a way, right?

@320x200 Unix wars are the eternal September ;)

@320x200 Yes, that's where I'm going to. I would use the interface to browse a feed of photos, a interface for videos, etc. So should we build a generic backend then? Or just very specialized ones? I like how is using for commenting and staring videos. But afaik Pixelfed is implementing these functionalities natively. And I'm not even mentioning that Mastodon does image and video hosting itself too. Aren't we reinventing the wheel every time?

At some point, I could totally see myself having a account for micro-blogging, a account for photo sharing and a account for videos. Now, since this is all federated, there is no difference between seeing a post coming from , Mastodon, Peertube or Pixelfed. It's the interface in which you view it that makes it feel different. Probably mostly because of the functionalities provided by that interface. Am I thinking this straight? And where does this leads to?

Depuis la version 375.70 des pilotes #NVIDIA. Trois tâches planifiées s'exécutent périodiquement et envoient des paquets de données sur les serveurs de Nvidia. Difficile de savoir ce que contiennent exactement les données envoyées puisque celles-ci sont chiffrées.

L' envoi de données est désormais évoqué dans ses conditions d'utilisation. L'utilisateur, est donc consentant à la collecte et l'utilisation de ces informations.


Comme #Razer :

Read this post by @xuv

Well done, some good stuff to know if you want to know how to transition with #birdsite and Mastodon


C'est avec beaucoup de plaisir que je vous annonce l'instance #PeerTube de la Délégation Académique au #Numérique Éducatif de #Lyon :


J'peux aussi dire qu'il se pourrait bien que ce soit la première instance officielle d'un organisme public 😋

Y a plus qu'à convaincre les autres #dane de monter les mêmes afin de se fédérer et prouver que le libre made by @Framasoft c'est du costaud :peertube:

Merci @Chocobozzz et merci #Docker qui a beaucoup aidé dans l'histoire !