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Julien Deswaef @xuv@mastodon.social

Thanks mastodon, seriously. I’m assisting a student who wants their record changed to reflect their chosen gender and the everyday way this is practised here has taught me how to use the language needed to get this done.

I’m better at my job because I’ve been included here.

Love this one hour episode of STRRR Tv where @M_PF presents a series of .

Full disclosure, there is a episode in it.

Love this one hour episode of STRRR Tv where @M_PF presents a series of .

Full disclosure, there is a episode in it.

@frankiezafe Tu peux archiver des repos github. Ça les rends inactifs je crois. Comme mentioné dans ce toot: mastodon.xyz/@lightone/1001611

This is a picture of the street I live in, but taken a hundred years ago.

anger towards oppressors / those in an oppressing class is... valid and good actually.

maybe take a breathe and be more understanding of your social privileges and how you benefit from things or even contribute to harm of others instead of trying to tell vulnerable people to calm down

Egyptian Hieroglyph for Mastodon: 𓃰

If you still think that #TrendingHashtags were the ONLY reason to #ForkOffTogether, I highly recommend you read this medium article, if you are willing to have your mind changed:

"Two months ago it was a “people you might like to follow” feature, before that it was whether CWs should hide sensitive content when a post is embedded elsewhere on the internet, and in the past couple of days it was a “trending tags” feature."


#ForkOff #ForkOn

Actually it's pronounced Jithub

/via @dschufel

The $63 billion takeover of Monsanto by Bayer prompted a thorny branding question: what to call the new company? The company's management has announced its decision: the new company will be called "Bayer," despite the name's longtime association with Nazi slave labor camps, fatal human subjects experiments conducted on prisoners supplied by the Nazis, and complicity in the production of Zyklon B, the lethal poison used in concentration camp gas-chambers.[...]

OMG, how much I would love to have integrate . I love it as it is. But that would be a huge bonus.

Hey everyone, the @automatist just landed here. Please, wish him a warm welcome.

ok google, how do I delete my account

The quality of my #mastodon home timeline is improving week by week.

My #socialcoop timeline has been too, but the home was still a bit crap.. until the last week or so.

Lost of interesting people, interesting posts, interesting conversations, interesting links...

Gotta be careful I don't get sucked in too often 😅

"The frequently repeated story that was founded to help Omidyar's fiancée trade Pez candy dispensers was fabricated by a public relations manager in 1997 to interest the media."

We tell each other to self host in order to escape the big corps. But when we die, all the self hosted stuff is going to get wiped and history will only remember the archives that got stored by the big corps. And you know how history is written by the winners. Do we need a way to automatically hand over our sites to archive.org or similar? Or send them disc images? Nobody expects to get run over by a car but some of us will, today. I made no plans for this.

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Rare photo de ce moment de calme particulier avant un gros orage (via @laurentchemla@twitter.com)