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Private minibuses will take Brooklynites from their luxury buildings on the East River to the nearest subway station because tenants of these condos-with-a-view might not agree to pay a rent at such prices if they had to walk 5 blocks to reach some underground public transportation.

When I learn that people don't know you can expand all CWs in a thread at once by clicking on the eye icon at the top :pika:

I think that is the first hashtag I see widely used in my and that I feel excited to check multiple times a day. Good job Fediverse, you won another success as a .

"Our top pick of those whose works on 1st January 2019 enter the public domain in many countries around the world, including Kurt Schwitters, Marcel Duchamp, Sergei Eisenstein and Martin Luther King Jr."

Pour Noël, bonhomme n°1 a reçu un cadeau Diy génial : une boîte à musique faite maison par son grand-père, constituée d'un petit Arduino et d'un lecteur de rfid pour sélectionner le répertoire voulu.
La musique est stockée sur une bête carte sd. Chaque répertoire est représenté physiquement pour l'enfant par une simple carte en carton avec la puce rfid voulue collée dessus. Il suffit de passer la carte devant la boîte pour choisir un album à écouter.

"À l'automne, on attend le carnaval
Ou un gouvernement, avant l'état prochain.
Chez nous, tout est surréaliste,
excepté l'art, la peinture, la poésie,
Chez nous, le cinéma est triste
mais la politique est une comédie !"

(Claude Semal - Chez nous)

#ClaudeSemal #ChezNous #Belgique #ChansonBelge

"Fast Trains Are Energy Efficient (And Fast). In a rational world, one that valued convenience, time, low energy intensity and low carbon conversions, the high-speed electric train would always be the first choice for such distances."

And this is why is self-hosted and using Open Source. Because its the only way to make sure our chat is ours.

Slack is banning some users with links to Iran even if they’ve left the country.

This morning, many Slack users with ties to Iran discovered their accounts had been abruptly deactivated.

My team at the Wikimedia Foundation is hiring a designer.

Associate Designer, Community Relations

Remote is good (most of our team members are remote to each other). Join us!

#wikimedia #jobs #design

There is an older man, sitting in the subway car, frantically flipping back and forth the pages of an exhausted green book called "Winning Casino Craps".

Daniele PUPPI

Minimal devices of multi-sensory reanimation

Audio-visual installation

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