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Ha, @moritzheiber toots about and feeling are featured on the screenshots for the $APPL appstore.

of course hackers are witches, why do you think it's a hex editor

fun fact:
when the PNG image format was proposed, it was "PING", standing for "PING Is Not GIF"

it was later shortened to PNG and retronymed into "Portable Network Graphics"

question. Does someone know why Jehovah Witnesses are big in China town? It seems like there is always a chinese recruiting stand in a subway station in that area.

In the Senegalese version of Firefox, a ‘crash’ is a hookii, which means ‘a cow falling over but not dying’.

Remember, some months ago, I made a fuss and filed an issue, because I had stumbled on yet another "deep research paper" that was using as a test image.

Well, they "fixed" the issue.

While I'm happy they have responded to the demand, I'm a bit confused by how they actually did it.

People are asking me to implement webmentions, and since I don't have a strong opinion on it (it would not be hard to implement), here's another poll:

Webmentions are like blog pingbacks, essentially, if you remember those.

How much should you charge as a freelance? - The Day Rate Calculator -

There is quite an interesting thread on cross-posting between and under this post:

It also focuses on people x-posting RTs from the and, if I read this right, denounces this behavior as being mostly toxic for the Fediverse.

Since this is something I've been doing for a while, I'm curious of what my followers think. Should I stop?

Cross-posting is marketing for the source platform, so you shouldn't be surprised I don't think Twitter to Mastodon cross-posting is beneficial to Mastodon.

Mastodon is a social network, and talking to each other is a big part of it. If someone has setup a cross-poster and left and never checks their notifications, it's pointless for us who are here.

A very interesting question regarding the of the source files of . Anybody have experience with the license?

cc: @davelab6 @n8

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