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kin list thread because i know what kins are now
1.) the girl in this video ("higher whatever the fuck," as you may know her)

me: *makes a tumblr post saying that bad things are bad*
tumblr gp: hWaT tHe FuVk

siri how do you handle tumblr discourse in a mature yet satisfying way that both reaffirms and crushes your opponents?

that being said im still super excited for xx or X1X or whatever lol

tee bee h (unpopular opinion):
bbc should've had yyxy debut in the last quarter of 2018 and pushed debut to 2019. bc then they wouldve completed the subunit stuff and they wouldnt be competing with big3 + mnet digital monsters (unless cherry bullet does amazingly well and sm finally releases the gg theyve been hiding for 1000 years)

honestly orbits (including and especially me) have such nerve. we get content daily. DAILY. and we still complain about not being fed.

why do i feel so anxious rn? like bbc is actually gonna post something new tonight??? im like lying in wait. but for what? another tv?

every follow is a thirst follow when you're horny for Friendship

asdfghjkl i signed up for a free trial of prime student on amazon like a year ago but unbeknownst to me amazon charged me $60 to continue it and it doesnt notify you when your trial is up. so technically ive now paid for a whole nother year of prime that i dont even want and theres no point int cancelling it now bc the money wouldnt be refunded. im pissed.

6th grade me with no knowledge of bisexuality whatsoever, watching 9muses dolls dance practice over and over again:

so yall just let uni.t disband without alerting me to this song's existence? i see.

what if the last half of does a new years song instead? that'd be cool

bbc seems to have underestimated my capacity to whine about the carol

carol 3-point-oh? more like the carol 3-point-oh no, we’re not getting it are we?

wow.. u guys.. interact with people?? that's wild

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