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Since there has been a ton more people coming over from Twitter I thought I should reintroduce myself. I'm a ceramics artist from southern California, emphasizing astronauts, aliens and dinosaurs (because I'm just that way I guess). I spend my time working on this artwork, and spending time with my partner, two cats, and an incorrigible pug!


Last night was beautiful. There was a warm breeze, and I went out to soak up the big orange rising full moon in the southeast, a regularly flashing thunderstorm way off to the north, and I even saw one super-bright Perseid in only a few minutes of looking.

But you know what else I saw? Lots of fucking satellites. There's a continuous line of bright Starlinks in my sky now. Fuck.

Amazon says they won't let me return the Echo device just because it's not my actual grandfather's ghost that speaks out of it and just some confused grandfather named "Jeff" who won't stop crying and has failed to download the season of The Boys that I ordered three times.

Let's start my career here with an #introduction :
♥ I have a #BSc in #physics
♥ An #MSc in #geophysics (specialized in #space #research and remote sensing)
♥ currently doing #PhD in space research with focus on our near #plasma environment.
♥ With experience in #satellite #communication (link budget calculations)
♥ and deep neural networks.


Happy #808day!

Here's a live #Electro jam I did last year.

Sadly I have no real 808, but instead samples on my Elektron, bleeps by TD-3, my Grandstand Talking Computer on vocals and vintage Yamaha Analog Delay for FX. 🔊🎶

#DAWless #MusicMonday

Any of my fedifriends looking to pick up a small web design job? Friend of a friend is looking for some help. US preferred, San Diego / Cali best. Boosts welcome!

#getfedihired #webdesign

🧵 Here is something I’ve been working on lately that I’m happy and nervous to finally share! It’s the continuation of a project I’ve come back to.

Back in 2020, as part of my Master degree thesis work, I illustrated an adaptation of Alfred Noyes’ poem The Highwayman.

Last weekend I had the joy of helping a friend tend to her Langstroth beehives. We inspected and replaced frames, checked queens and brood, and even harvested some delicious honey and comb. 🐝 🍯

#theGarden #garten #garden

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