Berking your peebus should probably be a crime

Please remember that logging off is illegal and punishable by up to 4 years on Mars or up to $300000000 in fines

Chunks of ice seem to be falling from the sky at an alarming rate

Does mastodon have a hitman instance?

Not the videogame btw

Meep meep! Is a noise that doesn't get enough credit

A superpower that's just always being able to experience time at one rate. No more time flying by when you're having fun or standing still when you're bored as shit

Bad news everyone: a weird guy just came into my store to tell me the cell towers in the parking lot were invented by China to give us corona virus, which was also invented by China

The best part of social media, to me, is how easy it is to make strangers insanely mad

Made Twitter incredibly mad with a Kanye opinion. A great website

Devs should release covid-20 already. I'm sick of covid-19

Mpls is a powder keg right now. I hope the cops don't light a match

Always good to be reminded that my boss is a garbage person

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