Checking in briefly. Friends are all still alive, and a particular pink-haired gamedev is still swearing at Unity. Seems like business as usual.

Just reporting that I am still alive and do read this, though I have nothing non-political to post at the moment.

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At this point, I’m pretty sure that the tech industry uses “engagement” as a euphemism for “addiction.”

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1. If at all possible, do not use the computer

aaaaah what have I done I volunteered to give an internal talk to the development team at work and I already have about 45 people coming aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Today I found out you can capture DOM elements as a screenshot in Safari’s Developer Tools.

Looking forward to tomorrow. And thanks to SMASH!, I now know how to get to the ICC 😅

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Australian politics 

Fucking AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHhagHsgahzhgdsndjkskshaaldhjebsbs

I'm experimenting with Weave's Flux and Bitnami's Sealed Secrets for Kubernetes, and geez the documentation is fairly poor or non-existent.

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It's remarkable to me that after years of research into graph-databases and specialized data structures (to model social relationships), Mastodon has succeeded with, uhh, Rails on top of Postgres. I love it.

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me: [Explaining Mastodon] So then everyone got booted, and now they just boost toots

Dr. Seuss: go on

I got so much stuff done today, but now I need a rest. I can’t wait for the weeken— oh shit

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Why did you click on this??

I kinda want a fork of Mastodon where button says NYOOT instead and you get a GIF of Pingu every time you Nyoot.

Why can I only interact with a toot from my timeline and not from a user's profile page? :S

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