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I updated the Big Ass Data Broker Opt Out List to add info on new classes of information that Google allows people to remove. And I fixed some typos!


Google Docs:

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Popular trackers, clockwise from lower left: AirTag, Tile devices, Chipolo trackers, Samsung SmartThings and SmartTag trackers (Photo: Tile, Apple, Samsung, Chipolo)

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We updated this story on stalkerware with a new photo of physical trackers like AirTags and Tile devices, and new info from @evacide @adamrdodge on searching and scanning for them.

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all media is evil unless you want to see if they have a media badge so you can scan it for your challenge in which case you looooooooove the media

Apple, Google, Facebook, Snap, Twitter and Discord complied with fraudulent emergency data requests that were used to harass or extort women, but Toontown Rewritten didn't.

it doesn't make sense to pay out to car insurance when you have to pay out-of-pocket for not-at-fault accidents to avoid insurance rates increasing even when you...weren't at fault, and I just won't accept that the nonsensical way things are is the only way they can be

an older man at the grocery store told my husband he looked strong and asked him what protein powder to buy and i think it made his entire week

It took me 108 minutes over 2 days to get U.S. Bank to redirect a check (which any of the 11 people I spoke with should have easily been able to do) after it closed an account for inactivity w/o my knowledge or consent… so them fraudulently OPENING accounts makes me laugh, tbh.

I am sure there’s a reason, but I don’t understand why you need to have an up-to-date prescription to get glasses. If you have an outdated prescription, you can still wear your outdated glasses.

@yaelwrites absolutely an artifact of imperialism/colonialism. Don't curse in front of the king, it might upset the ordained order of things

It’s always so bizarre to me when people get upset by curse words. Like, “Sure, we’re perpetuating injustice, but you said a naughty word, ha! You get a penalty point!”

✨Consumer Reports represents at DEF CON on Friday 8/12!✨

🗓PSA: Doorbell Cameras Have Mics, Too (Matt Guariglia & I), 12PM at the Crypto & Privacy Village

🗓 Ginny, Dazza & @rrix on standardizing data rights requests, 2PM, also at the Crypto & Privacy Village

🗓Meet the Digital Lab! 🎉 Accord Boardroom, 5-8PM

I was so sad when I learned my favorite Cronkite professor died. Maureen West was the light of Cronkite, a terrific instructor and an incredibly caring person, and I’m very sad we never got to have that coffee we planned to reschedule for after the pandemic was over. Her memory is a blessing.

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