It's also not currently possible for voters to check their vote in the blockchain to make sure it’s actually there and says what they intended.

Anyway, you can read the piece here:

Voatz says its WV pilot was audited, but failed to name any of the auditors, the scope of the tests conducted, what the auditors had access to, how long they had to perform the tests, what vulns were discovered, the severity of those vulns, and whether or not they were fixed.

One big concern with mobile/blockchain voting is the inability to conduct a tabulation audit with a piece of paper that you know reflects the voter's intent, without compromising the anonymity of the voter.

I wrote about Voatz's mobile/#blockchain voting experiment last year for
Future Tense. It’s impossible to tell how things went, because the state and the company aren’t sharing the basic information experts say is necessary to properly evaluate it.

If you thought cryptocurrency was a way of avoiding taxes, the IRS has news for you.

how do you stay awake without sleep OR stimulants? asking for a friend.

a really cool thing to do on Mastodon is to find a woman and then lecture her on her area of expertise, and call her elitist if she's not into it

Check this out: it's like a bird-watching guide, but for security cameras. Thanks to @yaelwrites for researching and writing this new resource for surveillance transparency advocates.

THIS SATURDAY at 10:15-11:45AM, I’ll be on the panel "How to Get Paid: Dealing with Delinquent Clients" at the ScienceWriters conference in DC. I’ll share stories about small claims court and collections agencies. See you there?

I interviewed @fransrosen at @detectify about bug bounty hunting, the worst security holes he's uncovered, the biggest payout he's received, and some reading suggestions for aspiring bug bounty hunters

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