I bought a FitBit and it's itchy and also it charges you for premium for the type of data I bought it for and this is so but I'm feeling lately, so there it is.

extending our early bird discounts to anyone following us on the Fediverse and all the attendees . Order your PrivacySafe devices and services before Oct 31 :D

I almost joined a coworking space but then I read the contract, which has a confidentiality clause forbidding members from discussing the monthly fee. Also, it says you must wear appropriate business attire and can’t download large files. Oh and they are all “you have 24/7 access!” but the contract says they turn the AC off at 6PM and on weekends. What if I just want to cowork in jeans while downloading videos at 6:15PM? Is that too much to ask?

somebody I know from high school who I never talk to sent me a message to say this shirt reminded them of me and I'm so, so confused

We got outbid for a house yesterday and then today I bought avocado toast; is that how this works?

please don't press your body against Black women's children to get your shampoo and then antagonize them by sticking a camera in their face and threatening to call the cops and then post a teary-eyed video about how this has to do with Judaism; it's your own entitlement matzav.com/watch-orthodox-jewi

I've never heard anyone tell men to be less direct because it comes across as abrasive but I suppose it does happen.

I thought I left my keys at UPS and the woman who sent my box said she hadn't found any. I was literally about to start opening a box I was going to ship out until she asked her coworker and sure enough, he had 'em. Maybe check with people before saying no keys have been found/turned in? This is the same UPS that shipped all my holiday presents to the wrong people--literally the instructions were to match the name on the envelope with the name on the box. But the post office is also shite.

life is trying to decide whether to buy a house or to hold off in hopes of a job that may never come

why do people talk about their "colleagues" when really they mean classmates or friends? is this people trying to sound more adult or something?

physical therapy went like this:
1. pokey needles that are like acupuncture but scientific and more painful (aka dry needling)
2. purpose electric twitching on areas that hurt (aka e-stim)
3. scraping the area that hurts so it hurts even more (this is called gua sha but also other things depending on the tool)
4. sticking my foot in water on a bad and more e-stim which just feels like a boa constrictor
5. I feel better? (profit)

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