There were 5 people & 12 stations at my gym today, and we were doing circuits, and some dude starts rowing in my barbell station. You could tell someone was on it b/c there were weights on the bar, and my water bottle was still there, but whatever. Next circuit, he hops on the treadmill I'm using, while I'm on the bike directly behind it. I guess "use the same number bike and tread" is hard for folks. I figured he'd take the hint when I wiped down the tread and got back on it but nooooo....


I think he really is that clueless but I get really tired of being invisible and having to be super aggressive to not have to keep switching stations at the gym because of some dude. (It's always some dude.) And I had the bike all set at the height I wanted and the right weight dumbbells set up behind it, so didn't want to move everything.

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