I wrote a confessional acrostic about all the things journalism, collectively, does wrong.


I play a lot of music that makes me an orphan, a wayfaring stranger, a bootlegger, a freight train passenger, wishing I was the moon tonight.

If I worked for somewhere that made me call phishing a telephone-oriented attack delivery (or TOAD), I really hope I'd quit on the spot.

People in poetry workshops always ask you for your hype soundtrack and favorite lyrics but they are always so taken aback when you’re like, “all the words are gonna bleed from me and I will think no more.” 🎸 🖤 🩸 🧠

@eqe yeah I went through IAPO and the Kon Mari sites until I found someone vaccinated who I liked.

7 months & ~60 hours of person hours (I had help) and I just finished Kon Mari-ing my bonus room! I still have some boxes of things I'm keeping in some closets around the house, but everything just feels so much lighter. And now my workout stuff won't be crammed against the wall!

This damning new report by the UN Human Rights Commission cites my work but, much more importantly, cites many courageous survivors who spoke out at great risk to their personal safety. ohchr.org/sites/default/files/

@gme @wilbr sure, if you want things to be easy even if they’re not accurately assigning blame, let’s go with the status quo that is sometimes applied in a way that’s the opposite of who is really at fault

@wilbr @gme yeah I feel like the justifications for the rules don’t make sense either

@gme @wilbr weirdly when a car rear ends you and you rear end the car in front of you you are also “at fault”

@wilbr @gme I ran into a rolling barrel and while I agree I wasn’t at fault I don’t agree that the reason for me not being at fault is due to the fact that the barrel was moving

@gme but actually you can drive defensively and still not be able to safely avoid stationary barrels on a Highway depending on traffic, and you can also sometimes drive defensively and avoid rolling barrels by switching to the lane it’s not rolling towards

It doesn’t make sense that if there’s a barrel in the highway and you can’t safely switch lanes or come to a dead stop, it’s an at fault accident, but if the barrel is rolling, it’s a not at fault accident. Make it make sense.

sandman, upset spoilers and ranting 

@malte yeah he’s a bit authoritarian for my taste too

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