@mux2000 @haish @ia42 @ramramiko @abaleh @psyBunny @yair @Hayim I'd migrate there and help pay if it's decently managed (i.e. no Kahanist trolls allowed etc)

@mux2000 @haish@icosahedron.website @ia42 @ramramiko @abaleh @PsyBunny @Hayim @abgd Good posting and federation rules are properly hard. Balancing free-speech vs. safe-space is something that will have to emerge by consensus. I'd suggest registering on several instances on different sides of the debate and getting a better feel for the issues.

@mux2000 @haish@icosahedron.website @ia42 @ramramiko @abaleh @PsyBunny @abgd @Hayim Whadayamean? Installing Mastodon? If nobody does it by tomorrow, I'll be able to do it then.

@yair @mux2000 @haish @ia42 @ramramiko @abaleh @psyBunny @abgd
cool bro, I got a domain and will have time later to check for server. feel free to contact me wherever

@mux2000 @haish@icosahedron.website @ia42 @ramramiko @abaleh @PsyBunny @abgd @Hayim Thanks. I might need a bit of hand holding as I haven't done serious adminning in over a decade, and all this cloud and docker thing is quite mysterious to me. DM me the creds when you have them?


@Hayim @abgd @PsyBunny @abaleh @ramramiko @ia42 @haish@icosahedron.website @mux2000 tooot.im is now open for registration. Come squat your fav username. ;)

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