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I like how when I click a link in Mastodon it opens immediately instead of taking me on a world tour of 5 different redirect servers on 3 different continents

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@abgd See? Even with it took me a while to understand what @nolan is referring to, and shitposting is relatively easy as well. Now who is the weird flag, highrise building and pause button?

If the number was small you could memorize them, but these are not very memorable or distinguishable sequences.

@abgd True, but many emoji are utterly useless and translating literal puns to visual ones is something that I think is way beyond any current algorithm and better left as an exercise for the :poop: :envelope: er.

@abgd @nolan Doesn't work as well, and the in-joke is a bit more 'in', but I've been thinking of as :strawberry::strawberry::strawberry:

@abgd The 'display name' Could possibly be used for that. One of many problems, though, is that it can contain only very few emojis.

@Roshbud Most of nobody, I guess. It's just a lure made to tempt you to relinquish all your worldly posessions. >:)

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驻住讞: 讛讞讙 讘讜 讗转讛 诪拽讘诇 诪讗谞砖讬诐 讘专讻讜转 讜讗讬讞讜诇讬诐 讘诇讜讜讬讬转 转诪讜谞转 谞砖讜转讬讛诐 诪拽专爪驻讜转 讗转 讛讘讬转.

Why I don't buy into all the 'Mastodon is taking off' hype I'm not sure it stands for what I think it stands for, but if so, ewwww. :D

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Facebook: Everyone knows me. I am me

Twitter: Some people know me. I am a persona based on me

Mastodon: Nobody knows me. I am a transient, sentient beam of ultraviolet light

HTTP ERROR 540 Not Enough Hametz :expressionless:

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mastodon install instructions for rails devs

(preqs: git, postgres, ruby, bundler, npm)

git clone
cd mastodon
bundle install
npm install
psql postgres -c 'CREATE DATABASE mastodon_development;'
rake db:migrate
rails s

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Explaining the powers of instance admins over user data and identity, I find I far too often use the phrase 'weakly godlike'.

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This site is making me feel like I should read up more on Usenet federation (and censorship). Any suggestions?

Why I don't buy into all the 'Mastodon is taking off' hype is still available. You people are not serious.

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