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mcdonald’s actually owns , don’t be fooled guys 😂 (headphone warning)

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first time using macos today and i still prefer a linux based os instead :badabing:

why is intel still trying to suck apple’s cock for business, what am i missing?

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accidentally swallowed thin flabby pieces of plastic that was in my water bottle and almost chocked to death today. i probably should’ve died lmao, no one would’ve noticed. next time i guess…

breaker breaker, 911, somebody come get this bitch.

@protonmail you have this whole ecosystem of services so why not make a messaging app :unarist: :cwy:, or is this on the roadmap 👀??

🤔 so can foreign governments ask the swiss government to lay out an investigation on a users account? @protonmail

mcdonald’s actually owns , don’t be fooled guys 😂 (headphone warning)

there’s a lot of features missing (and even more that are being requested by users) but i feel that this was done on purpose. i think Eugen wants analytical data to see how much interest there is for the app before he decides to pour all he has in expanding it. i have no doubt in my mind that this project will turn out as a success. not everyone will like the app and that’s okay. there’s a full range of 3rd party clients to choose from and in the end it’s ultimately a win for mastodon as a whole

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i’ve been thinking about the mastodon app ever since beta testing it from its release, and despite all the criticism i think it’s a good app overall. Eugen is making it easy for new users to branch into the fediverse. i personally rate the app a solid 9/10. it has all the basic necessities from the web version of mastodon to get you started. the UX of the app flows in an easy to understand way and the fact that they are close to none app breaking bugs is incredible.

“i tell everyone that i’m okay, but i’m ashamed i’m afraid and it all eats at me!“

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