@zhan Hello @wonyoungie yes, please. If you would like to RP with us or simply gushing about the Untamed, just hit us up.

@zhan // I can't remember, it had been so long ago. I don't think we have met, I can still remember my timeline back then. No one was as classy as you.

// why does it remind me of my cl day. I got so lost and confused in my 2K followers and followings account.

sorry for public.

i am new and i am searching for rp friends. some mutuals that speaks english maybe? or if you know me then kindly reply or boost this toot for a sign as a friend.


@zhan i know. I'm gonna move again, bbut I think I won't transfer all of my moots

@zhan hm. I'm wondering, why a server has many custom emoji, while the other doesn't. There are like 2K custom emojis on mstdn.social

@zhan I've moved account hahah I thought, but I think I'm gonna move again tomorrow

Why is the other server has many different emojis while another one doesn't ๐Ÿค”

๐Ÿคก i've been clowned? hahaha it's a different server


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