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why does the guy from star trek even have a gun, they use phasers

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selling my nudes? fella, I can't *give* these nudes away!!!

[dark ymca voice] old man
there's no place you can go

one band dies......... a new one with the almost the exact same members is born anew. the circle of life.

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@yardgnome you better believe i got that fucked up thing and immediately knew i had a spot for it

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selfie, boosts+, tall girl trying to fit in the frame 

around the world in 80 days was the original speedrun

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if they brought back lemons i'd start buying quaaludes again

look at this cool ass dick nosed motherfucker. big government doesn't want you to do a line of blow in the bathroom at the roxy with joe camel

if they brought back joe camel i'd start buying cigarettes again

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*puts on flat balanced headphones as to distinguish gunshot and footstep frequency ranges with ease*

"i become a different person when the cans come on..."

they've already been in a fighting game before!!! come on nintendo make it happen

🎵 doot-doo-doot-doot doot-doot doot-doot doo-doooooooo...... 🎵


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anybody who says that war is a natural part of the human condition needs to get kicked in the shins

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