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Look high
It's my last hope
Chavo Guerrero
Coming off the top rope

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it's fine to pour motor oil into your nearest drainage system, it comes from the ground so it's all natural

...whatever happened to that sword I had like 10-12 years ago

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still desperately searching for this old WWF t-shirt, if you have it and are willing to part with it or you know somewhere/someway to find it please contact me immediately

damn I can't believe nintendo cancelled the new animal crossing

thinking about perc'd up kurt angle in TNA again, good lord that man

aaaagh I think I need a new keyboard, this one seems to just be dropping random keys presses sometimes. which is confusing??? it's not the same key/keys. how does a keyboard break like this

from now on the candidate from Iowa will be determined by a council of the members of Slipknot

tonight mayor pete truly is Da Giant Rat That Makes All Of Da Rules

looking my cat in the eye and telling him "we're going to do it, we're going to change the world"

joe biden claps on the 1 & 3, bernie keeps the rhythm on 2 & 4. vote your conscience

every so often I learn a new keyboard shortcut and it makes me happy :)

doing typing speed tests over and over because I need to feel like I have some kind of control in my life

good lord minoru suzuki vs orange cassidy at JJSB...... orange cassidy might actually Die

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request for money, urgent 

I’m $200 short on rent and it’s due today. I could seriously use some help if you can afford it.
@dj_enby on venmo
$st1ner on cash

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might fuck around and achieve enlightenment today

elizabeth warren is running to be our first Awareness president

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