Marianne Williamson is the only candidate brave enough to initiate Third Impact

@yardgnome this woman would absolutely be a member of seele in the eva universe

@yardgnome Value derives neither from labor not from self actualisation. It derives from what someone is willing to pay for it, what it's worth on the market.

@TurningTheFrogsGay labor is entitled to all it creates. Positive Orb Energy only on my tl

@yardgnome Why the f is she using End of Evangelion for political memes, like, there's no connection between the pic and the captions.

@KaitoCross @yardgnome the connection is that she would initiate third impact :blobowo:

@polychrome @yardgnome I'm not talking about the text in yardknomes toot, but about the image's contents.

@yardgnome I want a Bernie, Marianne coalition to save the future of the world

@yardgnome "bernie, be my vice president, or warren will have to do it"

@yardgnome someone reposted this in a server im in and
i didnt get the joke???

knowing it's MW makes all the pieces fall into place tho

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