Siempre que se habla de dios no se habla del dios, se habla del dios del que habla.

@aral Hello, Aral!, ^^.

I would love to see SmarterEveryDay working with you. He sent an invitation to partner with just recently in his last video. A smart guy.

Do you think his proposal is a good idea? I think it can be improved with all your experience and guidance. The long reach of his audience can be helpful with the crowd funding and mass movement. Please, check it out, 🙏

Capitalism doesn’t give you Covid vaccines. Capitalism gives you Covid variants we could prevent were it not for vaccine patents. Every death from a variant we could have prevented by abolishing vaccine patents rests squarely on the shoulders of the same pharmaceutical companies we celebrate for saving lives in wealthy countries that can afford their wares. But wealth won’t protect us from vaccine-resistant variants if we don’t end this disgusting display of colossal greed and shortsightedness.

Given the level of technology we have today, if your system does not provide adequate sustenance, accommodation, education, and healthcare for all, it is not because it can’t; it’s because it is designed not to.

Google: literally pays $15B to be the default search engine

Some folks: it’s not that bad, you can change it to a different search engine

Which part of that DEFAULT is worth FIFTEEN BILLION DOLLARS specifically because most people will not change it did you not understand exactly?


People are passing this around on Twitter like it's surprising. Like they thought a jar of breakfast frosting was gonna be full of fiber and tofu or some shit

@Truck @onat @aral I love the characterization of a no JS web interface as a "Brutalist web interface".

We should adopt this analogy into our language immediately.

Mozilla’s now director of public policy once asked me, with a straight face, why I was giving them a hard time and holding Mozilla to a higher standard: “we’re just another Silicon Valley tech company.”

But that’s not what you tell people publicly, is it, Mozilla?

Still, it’s time y’all got this.

Mozilla is a half-billion-dollar for-profit corporation – whose CEO makes >$3M/yr – that has a foundation do its PR.

#mozilla #SiliconValley #BigTech #SurveillanceCapitalism

Q. Aral, what alternative would you recommend to this capitalist product that should really be a public tool for the common good?

A. A post-capitalist one that’s a public tool for the common good. There isn’t one? Then maybe we should fund an independent organisation from the public purse and task it with building it.

#technology #commonGood #capitalism #postCapitalism #colonialism #BigTech #SmallTech


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