Going to horror marathon with friend this weekend and it's the only thing keepin' me sane.

I woke up and there's a new video in my youtube subscriptions '13 Megalodon Shark Sightings Caught on Tape', oh my, what a time to be alive.

If I could listen to it a year ago... I'd do so many things in a different way. But I don't think it would be good for me. It's just shows how easily I'm chaning my mind and I feel sick because of it but also I'm kinda proud of myself, like you know, only a year later and I see how I've grown.

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I've listening to "Next to me" most of today's night and it made me so emotional.


living with anxiety feels like you're always skipping school and avoiding homework no matter what you do

Last year's September was a fuckin' hell for my mental health and this year it's the same only now I am even more tired.

Maybe 'telling LIES? No, Papa!' will be our always.

And Stanley ate that grape like a fuckin' traitor he is.

My mom just gave my mouse a grape and then walk out of my room and, all excited, told my dad about it. What the fuck, frickin' losers. :angery:

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