let's learn some japanese phrases!

Mastodon-e youkoso!
Welcome to Mastodon!

Nice to meet you! [for the first time]

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
Nice to meet you! [Please treat me well!]

Issho ni paorimashou!
Let's toot together!

@yatchi You could also write Mastodon in katakana: マストドン

@yatchi why is it "youkoso" is "u" after "o" is just a long "o"? Am I mistaken? Four years passed...

@yatchi lesson 2: begin every sentence with "watashi wa"

@yatchi えええ?「パオリ」ってなんですか?(笑)

それも、「初めまして」を書くのはいいですか?(I mean: is it right to write "Hajimemashite" with this kanji to introduce oneself's?)


@red see one of the replies to my post for the first question

it's fine to use the kanji, but it's most commonly written as kana

@yatchi would you please suggest some polite sentence in Japanese to ask kindly if it is possible to communicate in English somewhat? Thx

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