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Have gotten to play with some usb c devices and its actually a good interface.

what happens when the warning is the content? Show more

this message will self destruct

I've never used the desktop client until now. Not bad! Not bad.

> Not bad?
Not bad.

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Here watch this, and understand attention/popularity/social capital is a resource/treasure too and you will see how structures of power play out on social media. youtube.com/watch?v=rStL7niR7g

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I saw this github.com/0xa/twitterpub and wondered how I'd feel if Twitter.com started to federate with the rest of the ActivityPub folks. πŸ‘»


I'm a

and user
I care a lot about and

I'm looking for better ways to share and communicate.

What sort of messing apps do you guys use?

Do you use peertube for videos?

What alternatives to slack and discord?

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I've got no context for it, but this Japanese poster for Rampage is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
(img src: jimpluff.tumblr.com/)

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I can't tell if my kids think they're the best liars in the world, or if they just think I'm a complete idiot.

No, I don't believe the glob of peanut butter in the carpet was already in your room when you went to bed.