@HerraBRE The fundamental problem is that definition of capitalism is self-contradictory: youtu.be/-QsbvE_0Kpc.

I believe that most people who are against capitalism are not so much against markets (systems for sharing) as they are against corporations which are effectively backed by monopolies, subsidies etc.

I never imagined that such savage repair would actually work: youtube.com/watch?v=SGVaZO3DJ_

Speck on the left is USB OTG capacitor.

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Started reading Lawrence Lessig's (Creative Commons founder) Free Culture book and bam:

"A culture without property, or in which creators can't get paid, is anarchy, not freedom."

Looked through and it's full of similar smears:

> No sane sort who is not an anarchist could disagree.
> freedom need not mean anarchy
> either property or anarchy, either total control or artists won’t be paid

Wow. Chinese spies did a successful supply chain attack, planting a malicious chip into a piece of electronics manufactured in China by a US company. They "reached almost 30 U.S. companies, including Amazon and Apple, by compromising America’s technology supply chain, according to extensive interviews with government and corporate sources"

@rechelon Somewhat on tangent, but it was rather painful to see so many people shame Zuckerberg for his geekiness when shit hit the fan. He's an absolutely terrible person and all, but there are also plenty great people who have similar issues with social skills.

Updated PRISM Break's file storage & sync category to only include end-to-end encrypted software: prism-break.org/en/all/#file-s

Unless we insist on server not having access to user data, people will just rent VPS, use it as sync server, and think their data is safe. Only few have trusted physical always-on hardware, and even that is a liability (what if someone's house gets raided?).

Apparently, refusing to promote a neo-nazi den is censorship now: gitlab.com/prism-break/prism-b

Feel should've handled that better somehow.

@HerraBRE Hi, is there a SVG version of Pagekite logo? (Would like to recommend it on prism-break.org so that more people self-host on their own hardware instead of VPS).

@micahflee Thank you for doing the work! That's much better than nothing at all.

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@marsxyz Those are letters and files that document how CEO, James, is trying to take over the company by removing Daniel, the main CopperheadOS developer, from the company. Both have 50% shareholder stake.

@micahflee This is basically for the same reason: no validation on packets whatsoever. Packets that cause the key to be unimportable are clearly not RFC-compliant, but SKS still accepts those packets.

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