Mastodon is not a service.
You should be able to filter most of porn just by using keyword filters, I guess (but then you would not see posts like this). I might be wrong, cause I don’t follow accounts that post porn… Also, you can mute instances dedicated to sharing porn. I think that giving instance owners ability to create custom filters for users would be a better idea, I’m definitely against having pre-defined filters in source code.


@m4sk1n @ram@mastodon.host A possibility would be to allow AI filters in the architecture of mastodon. Ex : An porn filter ai would be made in an instance, and people can opt-in onto providing the ai the data it needs. The AI can then learn how to recognise what is porn and what is not.

On the other hand, the instance would allow regular users to use the ai that they made, if they want to, to filter their feed.

Quite of a headache concept but it can actually work well if designed well.

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