Thank you to Miss Sally for building community with your personal touch that values the input & work of all. Your Twitter chats are always thoughtfully well-done & bring us to better understandings of the work we need to do, the importance of the work we do

So many schools & professionals perpetuate stigma by silencing discussion on & stick to focus on without recognizing existing resilience & in crisis who need support, connection

Yes, anyone from any country of any age and background. We have many volunteers & more who want to be BUT we need organizations, advocates & schools to promote
Can folks in the US use this service?

YMHC just set up a compassionate card service for people who are struggling with their . volunteers send personalized of . Anyone from anywhere can request a message. We need schools to promote

Youth Mental Health Canada just produced resources to help build by putting tools for into hands of people that need them: families, educators

Expecting & families to be detectives to locate school & community supports, services & accommodations does not build a sense of . Students don't understand what to do, who does what, where to go: their place is not valued

Demi Lovato is once again opening up about her mental health, and her candor ― as usual ― is crucial in confronting stigma. But her comments also underscore the important role loved ones play in someone’s life via

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