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True democracy is only possible when the means of production are publicly owned. Only then can resources and labour be directed in a way that benefits majority of the people.

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Humans have only ever existed on a tiny spec of dirt for a brief cosmic instant. Our inability to comprehend our place in the universe is driving us towards extinction.

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Capitalist enterprises should be treated the same way as wild animals. No matter how nice they might appear they will still try to eat you if they think they can get away with it.

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The fact that wearing animal hides and furs is still in fashion tells me that our civilization is not quite as advanced as we'd like to think.

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Capitalism is the most efficient system known to man for destroying the biosphere on a planetary scale.

@staff I would like an explanation for why my profile has been hidden on the server, I do not believe that I'm breaking any rules or code of conduct.

...keep their independence and their personality! That's his first duty!

We have started to make the people escape their resignation. It might be its last chance to hold its head high again, to escape enslavement, to lead other people to escape it as well."

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...whilst treating us as their vassals. And three out of four French accepted this without protesting! And one out of four French was ready to be vassalized by the soviets! Only independence didn't have any supporter!


The President's role is to unify the French so they...

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...What is good for France won't be decided in Washington, but in Paris. [...]

Every people need to have control over their destiny. Otherwise what happens is what happened before I came back to rule the country. The Americans encouraged our own vassals to revolt against us...

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This is why China is seen by the U.S. as their principal threat. Not because they're threatening, but because of their emancipation.

Top U.S. officials aren't even hiding it, it's quite clear in books such as Colby's "Strategy of Denial"

For De Gaulle, independence is everything:

"A people's independence is its freedom!", in other words a people can't be free if it isn't independent.

He explains what he wanted to do for France when he regained power in 1958:

"Our subordination is over!...

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Dissolution of the Soviet Union led to the "unipolar moment" when the U.S. wasn't only claiming hegemony on "the Western camp" anymore but on the whole world.

China is thus, in De Gaulle's words, the only "instrument, architect, symbol and champion of emancipation" left.

They for one have stayed true to this vision. Here is an extract of Xi Jinping's recent speech at the 2022 Boao forum. Almost word for word what De Gaulle was saying!

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the East the instrument, the architect, the symbol, the champion of this emancipation is China. In the West the champion, the symbol is France.

In any case it was bound to happen and it is happening. There comes a time when hegemony cannot continue any longer."

We sadly all know what happened since: France's resistance died with De Gaulle and it's then been thoroughly vassalized, more and more so every year.

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There is a future of peace only if the Russians and the Americans [this was 1964] understand once and for all that they need to renounce each leading half of the world.

Vassals therefore need to stop accepting being vassals.

Everybody is fed up by the Americans' incessant interventions in the Western camp [...]


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De Gaulle's vision for the international order discussed in "C'était de Gaulle", a book written by his confidant Alain Peyrefitte, was essentially the same as that of China today.

A small 🧵

"France estimates that, in today's world, the condition for peace is non-interference in other countries' internal affairs.

No country should meddle in others countries' affairs. The people can always end up by finding their equilibrium in themselves,...

Floating solar power could help fight climate change — let’s get it right

"Covering 10% of the world’s hydropower reservoirs with floating solar panels would install nearly 4,000 GW of solar capacity — equivalent to the electricity-generation capacity of all fossil-fuel plants in operation worldwide."

"Trade-offs between the expansion of floatovoltaics and environmental, social and economic goals remain largely unexplored in both concept and practice."

But syntax doesn't have to be hard. Enter #Clojure #ClojureScript, part of the "syntaxless" tradition where you can learn syntax and then it gets out of the way, even allowing you to compile down to those others (and many more)
RT @iambickky
JavaScript is Hard!
Python is Hard!
CSS is Hard!
Whole Programming is Hard !!
Yes, everything will be hard at first, but it will become easy once you start learning it and put your time and effor…

The suspicion about Dual_EC_DRBG - The Dual Elliptic Curve Deterministic Random Bit Generator

The self checkout terminal reading out all the text on screen in that overly cheerful voice is a special kind of patronising.

Lancet study shows that each COVID re-infection raises your risk for death by 3x times.

"People infected with SARS-COV-2 had more than three times the risk of dying over the following year compared with those who remained uninfected"


"Increased risk of death from SARS-
Cov-2 is not limited to the acute
illness: SARS-CoV-2 infection carries a substantially increased mortality in the following 12 months."

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