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them: there is no more knights in XXIst century.


@simon_brooke @yogthos - Yes we have!

FIDO is open sourced.

By itself it can be used as a passwordless system of authentication. Added to a password is can be used as a second factor in a multifactor authentication system.

This is the most dystopian shit I've seen in a while:

Google and Microsoft are pushing websites to replace passwords with their fingerprint scans and facial recognition.

so I'm reading through the Mac Plus manual, and I'm struck by how alien some of these concepts must have been.

They have multiple pages devoted to how to use a mouse.

On the other hand, the OS has a very consistent workflow and design language and methodology. They can explain complicated, abstract concepts in simple ways because they are consistent.

Apple of 1985 did a lot of things worth admiring (and a lot of shit, but that's another story.)

Cleaning a litterbox with a scoop is like having a really shitty zen garden

Wrote a bot to delete your old tweets:

It was inspired by this post from Vicky Lai on making her tweets ephemeral:

Want to know what took me the longest? All the hemming-and-hawing about testing it on my actual account.

And I'm a nut. No wonder people have a hard time deleting Facebook.

It took 6 years, 4,200 hours and 720,000 photos for wildlife photographer Alan McFadyen to get this perfect shot. Kingfisher diving into the water...

By law. You have to orbit the sun 21 times before you can drink.

The story of Anakin Skywalker is basically somebody not getting the promotion they want so they show up to work the next day with a weapon.

(To c&p something I said over on twitter because I think y'all will appreciate it more)

When Github goes down, FOSS effectively stops right now. It's tragic that we've allowed a single company to gain such control over the open commons.

I recognize that we are in this situation mostly because the 'distributed' side of git is only usable by experts. And I recognize the niche that GH fills (ticketing and PRs in lieu of emailed patches)