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Dmitri Sotnikov

This is nice photo series called "The Making Of' which shows a little background on how amazing photographs are actually taken. Some are quite funny

Have a sample meme from the 'cats' section of our menu. Show more

Huh, so apparently Intel might be one of the most active software pirates out there. Due to using Minix in their CPU backdoors (management engine) without providing the proper notification of Minix's copyright and license to customers as required by the license. So not merely black box backdoors in your computers but unlicensed black box backdoors.

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Part of that has been ISPs and media companies intentionally removing agency from most people, because they still fear But for the good of federated networks and peer-to-peer networks, we need more and smaller instances, hosted by more individuals and small groups.

The current "center of gravity" model is dangerous in its tendency toward becoming nearly as centralized as the #corpocentric networks.

forma.8 is a neat game you should check out if you like games in the style of Another World :)

The story about the usage of twitter, and how difficult it seems to quit.

(discocerd via on twitter. ...yeah, I'm still there, but mainly as a masto propaganda )

transparent, non-invasive RPC for

cluster module based on ZooKeeper for high availability and load balancing