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Dmitri Sotnikov 🤖 ⚛️

a tiny ARM microprocessor with two buttons and two LEDs that fits in your USB port.

I'm slumping on funds at the moment - if anyone wants some digital art commissioned (/boosts this post) you'd be helping me out financially/mentally a hell of a lot.
Ones with a B/G (like these) $60
Full figures $40
Busts $30
It'd be great fun to interpret people's OC's/RP characters! But open to portraits/fanart etc.
more of my work:
Thankyou 🖤
#mastoart #commissions #art #digitalart #illustration

MIT group’s image processing algorithm can turn everyday objects into visual microphones—deciphering the tiny vibrations they undergo as captured on video.

Already two years old. :) The first four Ubuntu Animals of my still on-going illustration series (28 so far). Inspired by Ubuntu's release names.

using the _mm_stream_si128 instruction to play music on AM radio at 1580kHz using the CPU

> every library should have a good science fiction and fantasy section

> Predictable Success
> JavaScript: The Good Parts
> Flawless Consulting
> Effective XML
> Real World Haskell

welcome to the wonderful world of :

var aï¾  = 1;
var a = 2;
var ï¾ a = 3;
if(aï¾ ==1 && a== 2 &&ï¾ a==3) {
console.log("Why hello there!")

Viewed through Gray's lens, the necessary manual labor for cross-platform sharing is a feature which allows for lock-in.

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