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True democracy is only possible when the means of production are publicly owned. Only then can resources and labour be directed in a way that benefits majority of the people.

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Humans have only ever existed on a tiny spec of dirt for a brief cosmic instant. Our inability to comprehend our place in the universe is driving us towards extinction.

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Capitalist enterprises should be treated the same way as wild animals. No matter how nice they might appear they will still try to eat you if they think they can get away with it.

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The fact that wearing animal hides and furs is still in fashion tells me that our civilization is not quite as advanced as we'd like to think.

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Capitalism is the most efficient system known to man for destroying the biosphere on a planetary scale.

On Authority is a short text by Engels explaining how the necessity of authority naturally arises in any tasks requiring coordination of work

The US wanted to sell $4 trillion worth of treasury bonds to China and Japan this year, both refused.

Now US banks and the Fed are buying them instead.

AI-supported text generation may yield texts that sound reasonable without the machines even needing to have a clue what they are producing. (cf. ) Pretty much like today's Google Translate or Lingue's Deepl can "translate" texts without "understanding" them.

The relevant thing is: There needs to be an instance that "understands" such string of characters and renders them to meaningful texts, mostly us.


The human version of cat meowing to go outside then immediately meowing to come back inside is feeling lonely when you don't have anyone around you and then immediately overwhelmed and anxious when you have a human encounter

the anarkiddies ban tankies? idk that seems kinda authoritarian too me

When a web page wants to have your location, the browser asks and you just say “heck no!” and the problem is solved.

We need something similar for #WebAssembly. “This website wants to basically install and run what’s basically an unknown binary on your computer. Is this awesome? y/n”


Yeah. The whole “I can air travel now because air travel will be made climate safe in the future with new tech” is similar. Like, the obv retort is “Ok, if you’re so sure about that, then just hold off on that trip until that new tech arrives.”

“I can shoot my foot today because next Wednesday they’ll invent bullets softer than kisses.”


That doesn’t mean those bullets are softer than kisses now so you’re doing a lot of damage that future soft bullets won’t undo and
I kinda feel like you don’t even believe your unfounded claim about the future tech thing because you obv aren’t holding your own breath for it, so why should anyone else?

Smart Lid Spies On Sourdough Starter, Sends Data Wirelessly

[Justin Lam] created a wonderfully-detailed writeup of his Smart Sourdough Lid project, which was created out of a desire to get better data on the progress and health of his sourdough starters…

Original tweet :

@stman @theruran @yogthos @yaaps @petros

In 2000, i read of one person from the USA, whose father got them all to move to Europe, as his father recognised the signs that someone Trump-like was coming.

His father's parents and grandparents left Germany in 1932, 8 omnths before the Reichstag fire took place.

They moved to Europe shortly before 9/11.

His advice:

"Always be prepared for a major political change every 20 years, and be ready to be somewhere else."


"The sun’s photons collide with the sodium atoms, effectively pushing them away from the sun and creating a tail-like structure flowing downstream from the moon."

#Astronomy #Moon #Space


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