I engage in efforts to teach people program for the first time as part of #FSHM.

I am amazed at the simplicity of #clojure #lisp. I would only have to teach them the basics of #logic to understand #RPN and they now know the entire lang.

Why are we melting away brains in the form of stupid syntax when everything can be processed as lists?

I haven't introduced #clojure to a first time programmer yet, will do that and compare it with how they take to #python.

Wow, this looks amazing: #clojure tools.deps packager that can produce jars, uberjars or native images.


Looks like just the kind of lightweight packager I’ve been looking for.

a water droplet pushed around by air in micro gravity

Facebook has been censoring this post to raise funds to transport women and children of the caravan. Let's circulate the shit out of it on the #fediverse.

This journey for asylum seekers is treacherous- miles on foot, fighting sickness and fatigue and state violence.

This rad organizer Jessie Sandoval is on the ground organizing transport to those most vulnerable - making a weeks long trek on foot a short and safe trip on a bus.


More info:

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